December 9-10, 2000

December 9-10, 2000


I saw my first ghost at my friend JS’s house. It must have been mid-June of 2000. She invited me to spend the night at her house, and I was a little spooked and scared after all her talk about spirits and dead people (no thanks to Hollywood movies!), so I begged her to sleep in the same room with me.

She’d told me to let her know if I see a spirit. I felt a presence in the room, once the lights were turned off. JS said to look for a blue-ish glow, and sure enough, I saw a dark blue hue in one corner. It was very faint, but enough for my eyes to detect. It was very calm and beautiful. We both thanked it for allowing us to see it. Then we went to sleep.


I’m not sure how it works with others, but when I am remembering a past experience from my life, I see (in my mind) flashes of visions from that past experience.

This is how I see “them.” Those that exist on the other side. Visions (like photographs) flash through my mind, just like one of my memories. But I know damn well that these visions are not memories.

Well, that’s how it works. Now I’ll tell of what I see in these visions. I would ordinarily say that I’m hallucinating, or that the movies I’ve watched are having a profound effect on my brain (aka: brainwashing), but I know that my friend, KK, has seen the same things I’ve seen (at Sea World).

Now, here it is.


I’ve believed in the existence of ghosts (or souls, spirits, or dead people) since high school (age 14-17). But I was only opened up to the existence of other creatures (for lack of a better word) this past summer of 2000. Angels, hell hounds, demons, and things which I know not the name of, I have seen. Mostly at Sea World, I notice them. I usually notice only dead [human] spirits outside Sea World.

At Sea World, I worked the third shift cleaning crew—the dead of night; I was outside and alone, for the most part.

They [some coworkers] say Platters Restaurant is haunted; I say it’s a crossroads, where many words (or Planes of Existence) meet. Here, at Platters especially, many different creatures may be found.

Usually, I notice large bat-like creatures with red, glowing eyes (I call them demons), and arms and legs. I think some had rat-like tails. They circle over Platter’s like hungry vultures. If this alone isn’t enough to scare anyone away, it always gets worse inside [of Platters Restaurant].


There is one particular night I remember quite well at Platters. This was either in August or September [2000]. At 3:30 in the morning, my friend JS and I walked back from our lunch break. I was working outside Platters, and poor JS had to be inside at the time.

I walked inside with her. I noticed nothing unusual, but JS immediately felt tension in the air. Fear was rapidly escalating to anger. JS was a little uneasy (a little?) but since I felt (or saw) nothing, I went back outside again.

Then it began.

I turned around and faced Platters. I looked up into the dark night sky and a strange kind of terror clung its icy fingers into my very soul. I “saw” [third eye] thousands of demons flying, circling overhead. They looked like a swarm of angry flies, except ten times more lethal than any mere fly.

Some were on the ground, fighting with other mad creatures. I certainly felt the tension now. The water dam had just broke: this was a full-blown battle.

I looked into the windows of Platters. Everywhere I looked, flashes of angry visions suffocated my mind. Everyone, everywhere, was fighting. It was a mad house.

“JS…” I whispered.

I stopped whatever I was doing and ran inside. I skidded to a half, just inside the door, my eyes practically bulging from my skull at what I was seeing. I saw a human-like figure, bloody and beaten, crawling towards me. It reached a hand up to me and called out to my soul for help.

Suddenly, I felt like the entire place was calling my name (not my regular name, but my soul’s name, whatever that may be). Screaming my name, as if I could help them. Certainly I wanted to, but even now, I don’t know how. Wait. Maybe I do. But I’ll get to that later.

I came to my senses and went to JS. “Are you ok?” I asked. She said she was ok, and then I felt stupid, not  knowing if I really saw [with my third eye detecting] those things, or if I was simply imagining them.

So I left. Platters was very silent—a deadly silent, but in my mind, I could hear the war cries, the pain, the suffering, the madness.

Outside again, I was now closer to Platters—right next to the damn place, actually. In front of the restaurant is a store called Picture Perfect. I looked in through the glass door and saw a scene that is forever buried into my consciousness.

It looked like a dog. A big, hairy, scruffy dog. Also, it had odd bat-like wings. It had large claws, and very sharp, menacing teeth. Horns protruded from its head.

The thing I’ll remember the most, though, was the eyes. This thing had red eyes that glowed like the embers of a bright fire. It looked at me briefly, showing me the angry hate that burned inside. If a creature could be made of a pure emotion, such as hate, this is a very likely result.

Below this hell hound, held captive by those huge claws, was its victim. The hound tore at this poor soul, eating it while it was still alive. It looked like a human with wings. I think it is one of the types of angels—the one right below “Archangels” [in the hierarchy]. The angel was screaming in pain, surrounded by a pool of blood. The hound looked at me briefly, then finished off the angel.

I turned away, with tears in my eyes.

I remember seeing KK drive up, in the Sea World work truck and go into Platters.

“KK! Don’t go in there!” I thought, in my mind. At the time, I didn’t know she had the ability to “see” what I saw. As it turns out, she sees, hears, and feels more than anyone ever will.

Later, JS told me that she heard people yelling, but in a whisper; as if they were far away. They were yelling things in different languages. One was yelling at JS, but she didn’t understand what it wanted her to do.

After KK drove away in the truck, I kept an eye on the place. The fight was getting worse, and I knew that I hadn’t even seen the half of it.

Then suddenly, in the middle of this madness, I caught a glimpse of a big mass of… something… coming down upon Platter’s [from the sky]. It was a mass that shined with every color and brilliance known to man… and more. It was so beautiful to look at, that I stopped working to gaze upon it. This creature was probably half the size of the entire Platters Restaurant. It seemed to take up the whole star-lit sky, as it came down.

It shined very brightly, like the sun, yet I could not take my eyes off of it. I’m pretty sure that this entity was Gabriel, the infamous Archangel. Don’t ask me how I knew. It was just one of those things that I knew instantly. I think I’ve seen Gabriel before, but now the Angel was in his full splendor.

And if my memory serves me well, I believe he brought some back-up [supporting angels], too.

At once, Gabriel and his companions broke up the fight. Let me tell you this now—do not get in the way of a pissed-off Angel! It was horrible and deadly. The whole scene was downright terrifying! Nonetheless, I smiled and set back to work, confident that Gabriel would settle this brawl.


Once, I went back into the kitchen of Platters Restaurant. [Again, this was during the third shift, in the middle of the night.]

I looked down a long, dark hallway to the very back of Platters. Now, the words elude me, but I’ll try my best to describe what I “saw.”

If it was possible for someone to utter the word “evil” and have a creature spawn from the word itself, then this is one possible result. I saw a shadow, in the darkness. If this dark mass was allowed to blot out the sun, I’m sure it would. Just the mere presence of it was sure to strike fear into the hearts of those around it.

It had no form, no shape. It was every-changing. It was a black, thick fog which was alive and could grow, just like any other creature.

And in the midst of this dense, suffocating, black fog were two red eyes. The same as the demons’ eyes, except 10 fold worse. The entity seemed to me to be the source (or at least one of the sources) of the evil that surrounded Platters.

It waited, there, at the end of that hallway, calling my soul, almost daring me to come closer.

I decided, quickly, that now was the time to go.

“What is it?” JS called over to me.

“Don’t come over here!” I warned; then I left.


One night, I was working outside at Sea World, alone, at the far end of the park, next to the Shark Exhibit. I think this was the very next night after the battle at Platter’s Restaurant.

As I approached the Shark building, a flash-vision appeared in my mind of many demons perched upon the Shark gift shop, on my right side. They made the building look like an old cathedral or castle with gargoyle statues. These demons had red-glowing and daring eyes like the ones at Platters.

On my left side, standing atop the Shark Encounter exhibit, were humanoid creatures with wings—Angels. I think I remember feeling the presence of the Archangel Michael nearby, but I don’t quite remember. Also, there were various odd creatures running around, down on the the ground.

I stopped and watched. It looked like another horrible fight was about to break out. But they were waiting. The anticipation could be felt everywhere. Waiting, waiting. Each side was getting very, very restless. They (especially the demons on the right) were getting sick of waiting.

I wondered what they were waiting for. As soon as I wondered, the answer came to me: Me. They were waiting for me.

I noticed some of them looking down at me. Waiting for me.

Confused, I looked back at them, in wonder. Perhaps… perhaps they were waiting for me to do something… to realize something. I gave this some thought, but then when they obviously saw that I hadn’t the slightest clue at what’s going on, they all suddenly disappeared. The vision was gone.


In October, I hurt my knee. I don’t remember how I hurt it, but suddenly, I started limping; then a few weeks later, it was gone, just as suddenly as it had come.

Sea World put me on “light duty” during those few weeks, cleaning chairs in the 4-D Theater.

One night, after the food break, I stayed with KK and talked a little bit, since I wasn’t too thrilled about going back to the Theater. I was alone, the work was boring me, and the various [etheric] creatures in the Theater were growing restless. It seemed that all creatures were waiting and some got so sick of it that they started fights.

When I talked to KK, she explained that they were waiting for Peace. She also said to stay away from the Lake [there was a lake that divided Sea World from a separate amusement park]. It is the source of the evil. And stay away from the little girl; she will cry at first and if you follow her, she will laugh evilly and lead you around towards a dark area near the lake. Don’t follow her.

“You’re special,” KK told me.

“Yeah, but isn’t everyone special?” I questioned.

“No,” she smiled, pausing. She continued, “You have the gift of Peace.”

I could feel sweat in the palms of my hands.

“Don’t be afraid,” she said. She went on to tell me that Michael was telling her all of this. At first, I thought that she meant Michael the Archangel, but later she said that he is a past love, from one of my past lives.

She also mentioned that I’m being protected, and that’s why nothing is bothering me at the Theater. Weeks later, I pressured her into telling me who is protecting me. She told me that she is. I felt quite safe and secure, knowing that, but still now I feel that someone or something else is also protecting me.

After our conversation, I walked back to the Theater and walked in the back entrance. I opened the door at the back of the theater and looked down upon the stage. Some were fighting, others crying, others still waiting.

I closed my eyes and stood there, feeling my gift of Peace coursing through my veins. I smiled as it surrounded me. I felt it flow through and fill the entire theater, as a little voice in my head said, “You don’t know how powerful that is.”

I opened my eyes and saw everyone stop what they were doing. For a brief moment, they paused and looked at me. Perhaps they felt my Peace in them, in that moment.

Then I spoke with an authority in my voice that surprised even me: “Peace will come; I promise.” My voice echoed against the walls and I was shocked at how certain it sounded, with such authority. I felt like Moses parting the waters, I suppose. I held my composure, with a grave face, holding their gaze. Then I breathed and looked away, and went about my business, as they went about theirs.


On another night [at Sea World, third shift], I was (once again) seeking more answers. I asked JS to listen for “yes” or “no” answers in Platters, after I asked a question in my mind. I aimed my questions at anyone who would listen. JS could hear them; I could not. So we worked as a team.

I asked a few questions which I can’t remember right now. But I do remember one question I asked them: “Are you afraid of me?” Since I asked with my mind, JS did not hear the question. She said, “Whoa! Whatever you asked, I just got two different answers from two different directions. A Yes and a No.”

Later, I discovered that JS also has the gift of Peace [I think KK had told me that].


One night while I was working in the 4-D Theater, I looked up and “saw” [sensed with third eye] a very large dragon over me. It seemed to be looking at me, looking into my very soul with those red, deep eyes. I felt the dragon surround me, and there seemed to be a lot of commotion and much action in the theater, then.

The dragon grew so close to me that if it were in the Material Plane with me, I would have certainly felt its hot, steamy breath—but just imagining it was enough for me.

I was about to simply stand up and walk away, but I found that I seemed to be stuck there, while I was sitting.

Another flash-vision entered my mind, and I saw the dragon’s huge claws wrapped around my whole body. It held me there with one giant hand. It was horrible! I panicked, feeling unable to move a finger. I had never felt anything like it before.

Then a voice in the back of my head said, “It’s only in your mind! You can break free! He’s only got your mind! Will yourself to move!”

I tried in vain to move, but I just sat there.

Then, as quickly as it came, the dragon was gone.

I breathed again, and shook myself to life.


I’m currently employed at a place just down the street from KK’s house.

[Sea World was only a summer job. KK rented the top floor of a house and offered me a room when she heard that my dad and I were not getting along and that he’d kicked me out of the house for getting my tongue pierced. I moved to her place in less than 24 hours].

The building where I work looks like it could’ve been a Sears Hardware Store, with a big storage area in the back. I take care of the shipping and handling, in the back room. I’ve noticed quite a few spirits hanging out in the back with me.

Once, I went over to a far corner behind a large shelf to file some papers. As I was looking on the shelf for the right box to put the papers in, a flash-vision entered my head very quickly, then was gone. A little boy (human spirit) was looking up at me and asked, “Can you help us?” The vision (or thought) came so quickly that I stood there, stupefied, for a moment.

I looked down to my left at the empty space next to me, but in my mind’s eye, I saw a little boy looking up at me. I told him that I would try to help, although I didn’t—and still don’t—know how.

If you ask me, I say that there’s an underlying plot going on here—a plot underneath the plan. Perhaps KK doesn’t even know, or maybe she is supposed to truly keep that a secret.

From what visions I’ve seen and the dreams I have, it seems to me that a war is brewing, and I have some important role to play in it. I am not the leader, but I’ll have some kind of a leading role. Like a supporting actress in a movie. And it’s gonna happen soon—whatever it may be. Perhaps in my lifetime, now. But when it does, “all hell will break loose.”

I will soon find my own kind—others like me. Finally, I shall have a place where I belong. I find that I am a lot like Kari. And KK, LL, JS, and my sister serve as a fine family for me. On the outside, it would appear that I have finally found where I belong. But it is not here. This is not it. This isn’t where I truly belong. I am still searching for a home.

This saga is far from over.


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