May 13, 2009


The department has switched around, and a couple of promotions/changes took place.

A woman in our department has quit. When she left, all that her boss (recently-promoted to that position) wanted was a spreadsheet of what duties she did, and in what order.

…As if her job was the equivalent of “an assembly line robot.”

She left because the job was not what they told her it would be. (Gee, that sounds reeeeally familiar, now, doesn’t it! Sounds like my own job.)

She says that her boss should not have been given that position and that the upper management didn’t want to deal with that fact, so they ignored it.

I must talk to her more.


I had a dream that I visited my grandma and she kept falling down. She’d giggle and get back up, even though she was very old and looked like she could have hurt herself.

She and my grandpa were going with me to an airport terminal, where I would leave.

As we were walking across a bridge, I saw a network of bridges below us. One of the bridges was being blown up by a bomb and I was glad that I was not on that one.

Later, I was almost to the place where I needed to be, but the bridge was starting to crumble and an explosion happened behind me. Luckily, I made it to the other side in time before the bridge collapsed.


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