June 4, 2009

Psych. session went well today. I felt like I talked so much more than I usually do. She noticed that I am much more articulate than when I first came to her. I can explain what I mean. When in the past, I couldn’t say anything without reading from my notes in this journal. But today, I left the journal at home. I’m more confident now.

At work, I’m more articulate, too, and I am starting to demand that the people around me know what they’re talking about. My primary boss (female) is very bad at saying what she means and not good at giving leadership orders. So things are left as very confusing and inevitable mistakes happen.

I’m only at that job because KL wants me to stay in [this southwestern U.S. state]. He says it’s for financial reasons, but it’s time to find out the real reason.

It could just be his self-esteem. Maybe he is scared of hurting me or ruining the relationship. I know he is afraid of me not being happy with him; he had a dream that I left him.

I am ready to move. I know it.

Now I just need to wait for him, and I can do that. I’ll be patient. I love him. 🙂



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