Some Possible Paths to Serenity, from “Healing the Child Within” by Dr. Whitfield

Some Possible Paths to Serenity

1. We are ignorant of our journey, we are limited (humility): we can study universal “laws,” approximate them and surrender to our lack of ultimate knowledge. Given these limitations, sages over the centuries describe something like the following:

2. Higher Power is in each of us, and we are in Higher Power.

3. We can view our reality as a hierarchy of levels of awareness, consciousness of being.

4. We are going Home (we are Home, already and always). Home on this earth is being all levels of our awareness or consciousness in our own unique fashion.

5. There will be conflict going Home (melodrama, cosmic drama). This conflict or creative tension is useful to us in some way, probably as a way Home.

6. We have a choice. We can use our bodies, ego/minds, our relationships on this earth to reinforce our separation and our suffering. Or we can use them as vehicles for our Soul, Spirit or Higher Self to return Home and to celebrate that return.

7. Higher Power (Home) is Love (Love perhaps the most useful way we know Higher Power).

8. We can remove the blocks to realizing our Higher Power by experiencing (including living in the Now), remembering, forgiving and surrendering (these five realizations can be viewed as being ultimately the same). Regular spiritual practices help us with this realization.

9. Separation, suffering and evil are the absence of realizing Love, and are therefore ultimately illusions. They are also manifestations of our searching for Love, Wholeness, and Home.

10. We create our own story by our thoughts and actions. What we think and feel in our mind and heart, we will produce in our experience and our life. What we give, we get. As within, so without.

11. Life is a Process, Force or Flow that lives us. We do not live it. When we surrender to it, i.e., flow with its Process and take responsibility for our participation in it, we become co-creators. We can then become free of our suffering that comes with our attachment to resisting flowing with our Life.

12. Inner peace or serenity is knowing, practicing and being all the above. We ultimately discover that we are already and always Serenity and Home.

  Some sources: Perennial Philosophy (Huxley), Christ, Tao, Muktananda, A Course in Miracles, Fox, Wilber, Lazaris, Schaun, and many and always Serenity and Home.

— Charles Whitfield, Healing the Child Within, pp. 138-139.


October 20, 2009


I don’t believe in the religious definitions of “God,” where it’s some dude in the sky. The section called “Some Possible Paths to Serenity” is more inline with the things I believe in. I would just include the word “energy” also, when describing a spiritual experience. I am not religious but I have a deep spirituality within me.


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