October 22, 2009

14th Sex Addicts Anonymous meeting


  • Careful to not freak out too much about doing things right. There is no right way, except the even pace that is appropriate personally for me.
  • When I make one single mistake, embarrassment and shame are so overwhelming that I’d rather not deal with it and I try to escape.
  • Afraid to make mistakes?
  • Perfectionist about weight, appearance for sex appeal?
  • I try to find the “perfect” job or career
  • Try to find the perfect friends or boyfriends
  • It’s hard for me to accept imperfections in others and myself
  • In relationships, I try to rescue guys and make their lives perfect

I sometimes worry that people will go away if I don’t thank them or if I’m not appreciative of them. Also applies to body parts. I’m worried that if I don’t appreciate my eyes, for example, then I will go blind as punishment or karma or something.


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