29 Good Things About Me

[Someone had given me the suggestion to make a list of things about myself that are good and awesome.]

29 Good Things About Me

  1. When I’m not self-absorbed and suicidal (aka: when I’m feeling positive and good), then I’m really good at nurturing others emotionally when they are feeling sad or down.
  2. I can play the piano pretty well.
  3. I like animals and I am kind to them.
  4. I’m good at picking up dance moves such as swing dancing.
  5. I like a good challenge. “Bring it on, mother f***ers!”
  6. I can be calm, chill, relaxed and laid-back (when I’m not emotionally stressed, that is!)
  7. I’m alive.
  8. I’m different from others—my mom used to say that I “march to my own drummer.” Others comment that I’m genuine, innocent, “real,” and fun to hang out with.
  9. I have a natural talent for “seeing ahead” and “seeing around the corner.” It makes me pretty good at being able to solve work-related problems, because I can predict what would and would not work well.
  10. I have both a scientific side and an artistic/creative side to me. I am fascinated by black holes, quantum physics, and mathematics, as well as art museums and music.
  11. I’m fairly smart and intelligent.
  12. I enjoy new experiences, especially visiting new places and trying new food.
  13. I have a job and I’m able to live on my own without financial stress.
  14. I have a good smile.
  15. I’m in pretty good health, physically. I rarely get sick.
  16. I like to find the youthfulness in life. I like a lot of activities that kids might like, such as going to the zoo and riding roller coasters.
  17. I like hiking and riding my bicycle to work.
  18. I enjoy helping others who are going through similar troubles that I’ve had in my past.
  19. I’m usually quick to help a friend in need, and I’ve recently learned that I don’t need to sacrifice all of myself to that friend—instead, I can be a supportive and loving friend, without ruining my own life in the process.
  20. I have pretty good organization skills.
  21. I am good at being aware of my surroundings. Almost hyper-awareness. It makes me good and safe at things like driving. I’m generally good at spotting dangerous situations. I’m pretty observant.
  22. I like to include everyone in the group activities and conversations. If I notice people off in the corner, they are the ones I’ll notice the most and pay attention to the most. Maybe this is just because I know what it’s like to feel like an outcast, unwanted, and unloved.
  23. I think zodiac signs are fun, along with palm reading and tarot cards.
  24. I’m kinda funny and can crack some good jokes when the moment is right.
  25. Conversations usually flow easily with me. I’m easy to talk to. People can let their guard down around me because I’m a good listener and I often understand the types of feelings they feel during troubled times.
  26. I’m female and I’m good at playing video games. (Guys aren’t the only ones who are good at games!)
  27. Psychology and the human mind fascinate me.
  28. I’m kinda cute, both physically and in some of my actions.
  29. I am awesome!

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