December 31, 2009

Someone mentioned SMART Recovery. I’ll look it up, later.

Tonight’s SAA meeting was very good. I’m definitely able to tell I’m recovering and the others could see I look happier, too.


I added my name to the phone list. [Note: This is a list of phone and/or email addresses of members of a particular group.] Previously, I had avoided adding it for 2 main reasons:

  1. I was worried that newcomers or non-sober guys would call me and try to hook up for sex;
  2. I didn’t feel strong enough (emotionally) to be able to properly handle an incoming call if someone else needed help.

But after my positive experience nurturing and helping the others at the Meetup group last Monday night, I feel confident that I can help someone else, without resorting to codependent behaviors (like trying to take over their life or problems, or trying to change how they feel or what they think).

This is a positive end to 2009. I feel happy.


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