January 19, 2010 (things I’m grateful for)


Go to the COSA-recovery website. Codependents of sex addicts. Write down the overview of the sex addiction and any COSA types of behaviors.

Write down all the things I’m grateful for.


  1. Education! And the ability to speak and write.
  2. Intelligence and love of the question, “Why?”.
  3. My curiosity and desire to learn more.
  4. Being alive.
  5. Ability to play the piano.
  6. Video games.
  7. Pizza.
  8. My body is very healthy!
  9. I am cute/pretty; good teeth; pretty eyes.
  10. Talent in writing about life.
  11. Ability to see around the corner, or predict fairly well what is most likely to happen.
  12. Trees. ❤
  13. Nature, mountains, bugs, animals.
  14. Human emotions.
  15. The human experience.
  16. Earth, universe, an amazing galaxy.
  17. Friendly people.
  18. Ability to learn lessons, adapt, grow, think.
  19. Ability to nurture others.
  20. Sister, and aunt.
  21. SAA, therapy.
  22. Sense of humor, Comedy Channel, comedy movies.
  23. Nature paths on which to hike.
  24. Sammy (cat) and all animals with which I’ve lived.
  25. Cookies.
  26. Internet (to feed my curiosity and know more).
  27. Grocery stores.
  28. [southwest state where I live]
  29. For the good things my parents did, like providing for me financially; and introducing me equally to left-brained and right-brained activities (sports, science, music, arts).
  30. Vegetarian food options.
  31. Books, libraries.
  32. Sunshine, lollipops, happiness, puppies and cupcakes.
  33. Sudoku.
  34. Clones, aliens, new technology used in ways that do not harm others.
  35. Jeans and shoes that fit well.
  36. Rain in the desert.
  37. A comfy bed in which to sleep.
  38. History museums, science museums.
  39. Orchestras, plays, musicals.
  40. Recovery programs.
  41. Mac & Cheese.
  42. Jenn; friends in general.
  43. Ability to work and afford my own apartment and live alone.
  44. Being single, for now!
  45. Fruits Basket; Anime/manga comics.
  46. College education.
  47. Traffic rules, roads, regulations, laws.
  48. A paycheck and health benefits.
  49. Shiny pens. 😛
  50. Good, quality, knowledgeable, trained bosses and management. (I’m sure it exists somewhere, in this world).
  51. Ghosts/spirits, TV shows about them.
  52. Penguins of Madagascar TV series.
  53. Toys! Ice Cream!

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