January 22, 2010


There are countless dating books that give advice on what women want, and what men want. It seems to me that it’s all crap, and a waste of money.

If you want to know what a woman wants, just ask her. A woman worth her salt (where the fuck does that saying come from, anyway?) will tell you what she wants. Dumb-ass bitches who play games won’t tell you and they’ll expect you to read their mind and automatically “know” what they want.

I know. I’ve been there before. But now I realize that no one is a mind-reader. Communication is the beautiful key to intimacy and growth as a couple. All we have to do is open the fuck up, stop being afraid, and talk. Risk. Little by little.

But the “stop being afraid” part is not so easily done. I fear many things—anger from others, most of all.

How do we stop being afraid of something? Well if it was fear of a spider, I suppose that I’d recommend slowly introducing friendly spiders back into the individual’s environment—perhaps first in a controlled environment.

Ok. Right. So…apply that logic to fear of uncontrollable rage? So put myself in “friendly” and safe anger environments? Also, it would probably help for me to get a grip on my own anger—I fear expressing it would lead to bursts of uncontrollable rage and it feels like that is what happens each time I express anger.

How can I express anger in a healthy way?


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