February 20, 2010

Sunday, February 20, 2010

Introduce myself at meetings: “I am an outer circle seeker!”

Be 100% responsible for my 50% of the relationships in my life.

  • earth
  • animals
  • people, friends, boyfriends
  • coworkers

What other people think of me is none of my !@#$%^& business!


I don’t think that terms like “addict” and “addictive” are appropriate for describing my behavior in the past—and certainly not for describing my current behavior, now that I’m on the path of healing.

When I introduce myself as a sex addict, a love addict, or a co-addict [Note: At the Anon meetings, each person says, “Hi, my name is ___ and I am a sex addict, alcoholic, etc.], it feels like I am saying, “Hi, I’m ____, and I am this negative thing.” Is that how I want to be remembered? Is that how I’d like others to see me? Well, not that I really want to give a shit what others think of me anymore. They can think whatever they want. But still, I feel like I’d rather say something positive about myself when introducing myself—something that more accurately describes who I am and gives a hint of my personality.

That’s why it’s perfect for me to say “Hi, I’m ___, and I’m an Outer Circle Seeker.” That is what I do, now. I live life. I enjoy life. I heal and nurture myself. I am no longer engaging myself in addicted or negative behaviors because I know that it wasn’t healthy for me.


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