March 09, 2010 (second psychic)

Friday, March 09, 2010

I feel very reflective today. Not shiny! But rather, I am reflecting on how far I’ve come in recovery.

I am becoming a woman—an adult—with my own views, values, thoughts, beliefs and way of life. I feel more “whole” than ever before. The yin and the yang combine within one circle. The moon has a dark and a light side from Earth’s perspective, but it’s all a part of one same moon.

We are whole as we are. Good and bad together. Human beings. We don’t need to lean on boyfriends or girlfriends to complete us, because we are already whole and complete. I’m very happy to be me.

A “woman of substance.”

What is the difference between an “anti-war rally” and a “peace rally?” One focuses on the negative (war) and the other focuses on the positive (peace). I learned that, through the movie, The Secret.


I saw a psychic this morning, at the same place I did last month. This guy talked about my energy colors, current life, and did a tarot card reading. I have green/blue healing energy; I have the ability to heal—not just myself, but others, too. Trouble at work came up—it is possible that Jean is lacking love in her life. So maybe as a healer, I can help her out and give her love, even if I don’t like our relationship so far.

My mom has a deeper understanding, now. She’s sometimes been watching me. I’ve felt it. I’ve known it. It was good to have confirmation from the psychic dude. He also said that many doors are opening for me. Look for new stuff entering my life.

In a Kings court, the Fool or the Jester was the only one who could speak ill truths to the king without getting his head chopped off. I believe it reflects the hard look in the mirror and the truths about myself that I’m facing.

The psychic advised to let go of energy kept up inside me. Red energy. I have absorbed energy from others. Release it. (writing, exercise, etc.)


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