April 14, 2010

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Exercise: “Why Forgive?” pg. 45, ch. 3.


  • to release negative energy, thoughts, emotions that trap me in my “mental jail”
  • so there is no longer a spiritual conflict between loving Earth and all beings on it, vs. hating specific individuals and trying to make them less-than-human
  • to be at peace with myself (forgive myself)
  • so that I no longer judge new strangers by what people in my past have done
  • to be happier
  • stop obsessive thinking about people I’m angry with
  • to resolve anger and rage

Ok, well the evidence in the first three chapters is enough to convince me to look into forgiveness and at least try it. I’d really like to get rid of this anger and nothing else seems to be working, except for a temporary relief.


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