April 15, 2010

Thursday, April 15, 2010


  • acceptance
  • surrender
  • realistic evaluation of what I can control
  • detachment
  • removing the victim
  • dealing with feelings (writing, talking to a friend)
  • taking what we want and need seriously
  • setting boundaries
  • making choices and taking responsibility for them
  • setting goals
  • getting honest
  • letting go
  • giving myself huge doses of love and nurturing


  1. Jen, one of the cat adoption people who helped me find my current cat (not the lost one), called me tonight. I’m thankful she called.
    She thinks this cat was brought to me for a reason, fate. Things just seemed to work out so perfectly. She has a good feeling/intuition that this cat is a great match for me, and I, her.
    I mentioned that sometimes I doubt myself or worry that I’ll ruin this new cat’s life. Jen reminded me that the cat was originally born into a feral cat colony. So her life is automatically better now—she’s no longer in a cage. She roams free—her very own apartment home! So I was just grateful to hear that and be reminded.
  2. I saw an episode of Futurama. It mentioned that Leonard Nemoy, the actor who played Spock in Star Trek, also does poetry and photography. I searched online and found his webpage. His poetry nearly brought tears to my eyes. I’m so grateful to have found it. And his nude female b/w photographs are a great reminder for me to embrace my feminine side, instead of being ashamed to be female. I’m grateful to have viewed his work. I highly appreciate it.
  3. I took a Strengths Personality test. It felt good to hear my strengths. My top one was appreciation for beauty and the arts. This was after Mr. Nemoy’s webpage!
  4. I had a good piano-playing session this evening. I’m thankful I could afford to buy the [electric] piano and thankful for the ability to play. My lessons are helping me become even better!

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