June 3, 2010

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Still applying for jobs, with little motivation for work.

Money is not enough motivation, for me. I have no desire to do design anymore. Only to work in shitty min-wage jobs. I’d rather flip burgers because at least there, I expect the bosses to be idiots. It is known and familiar to me. I know what to expect.

The corporate world is mostly unknown and has thus far proven to be idiots as well, instead of educated people as I’d hoped. I’m sick of the corporate world (especially higher education corporate world, where the egos fly to heights I’d never before thought possible); sick of working around people who don’t want to improve or make things more efficient.

I’m glad I’m gone from that other job, but still confused on where to go next.

The job search is really trying my patience.


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