July 5, 2010

July 5, 2010


I feel like I dreamed that I went to the grocery store, except that I did, in “waking life.”

But the line between dream and what is traditionally “real” feels blurred.

So I will use the word “dreamed.”

I dreamed that I went to the store to buy fruit, veggies, nuts and sweets. At the cash register, I just so happened to have the exact dollar and change amount.

Sign interpretation: No worries. No need to fear. I will have exactly what I need. So don’t worry about not having enough to survive, in the upcoming years.


I fell asleep thinking briefly about my grandparents’ house.

Dream: In a dark house. A large man with a small daughter. They were both like zombies. He molested his daughter. He sat on me. Very large. I slapped him with drummer’s sticks. I grabbed my cat and had a hell of a difficult time trying to leave. Eventually, I made it outside, carrying my cat. I couldn’t rescue the little girl, although I wanted to.


A giant hand pointed to the northeastern corner/middle of California. (woman with red-orange hair; extraterrestrial?).

The word “red” appeared and transformed into “redding.”

[Notes: As I came out of the meditation, I became curious to look at a map and see if there is a place in northern California called Red, or Redding. And wouldn’t you know it—there IS a place called Redding, California! I was not previously consciously aware of this place, at all.

I don’t remember if this meditation visual happened alone in my apartment, or with a new meditation group I’d recently found online through meetup.com.]


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