July 13, 2010

July 13, 2010


In this life as a human, I still feel leftover resentment and anger to the situation of my past job [Reference posts].

But what if I could see it from the point of view of the bigger picture?

What if this is what’s really going on? Before I was born, my soul met with my bosses’ souls and agreed to play these roles that we ended up playing over the past years. I needed someone who was going to help me question authority, question the way of life in the world. And—out of love—they agreed to play those roles, to help propel me on my soul’s spiritual journey. This is at a crucial time, as the world approaches the end of the old Mayan calendar.

So I can let go of the hate, anger, and bitter resentment… let go of the base emotion of fear… because I know that these were the roles we are meant to play. Now I can fill my heart with love and gratitude for this spiritual journey of discovery and seeking the truth about Earth. And then flowing with the new changes, toward a loving planet.


During meditation, I pictured populating the moon with lots of colorful flowers, trees, and a blue atmosphere.

We all had good, light energy, so faeries brought each of us gifts, for all the work we’ve done. A faery dropped something in my hands. Upon opening my hands, I saw a little ball of white-yellow energy. I looked at it for a moment and then visualized eating it.

The faery dropped another thing into my hands and I saw it was a miniature tree. Less than the height of a finger. Really alive. More alive than Earth trees. It could move with its roots. No mouth to speak (probably telepathic). It wiggled in my hand and I loved it. It was very old and thick, like an ancient tree [or like a bonsai tree], before humans started chopping down trees.

Pat [meditation guide/leader] says these are gifts from home. She says I’m a starseed—I’m from another planet (my soul). She also said I was the only one of my kind who came to Earth to incarnate as a human. I am the “eyes, ears, and nose” for my kind. My “ET spirit guides” look like Donald Ducks with blue jackets.

I pictured a cottage, warm, simple and inviting. Lots of flowers. In a forest, near a crystal-clear lake and mountains with snow-covered caps in the distance. Space for a large garden of food. Extra/alternative food, also, for forest friends, so they don’t eat my garden.


Ball of light (UFO?) spotted today. My first “sighting.” My reaction was calmer than I expected. Love, calm, peace, acceptance, happiness. I welcomed “them” in my mind. I’d be happy to meet them in person; I don’t know if my conscious mind could “handle” it, but I think I would be very accepting of a friendly E.T.


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