July 23, 2010

July 23, 2010


Body temperature feels hot, over the past 2-3 days.

When I sit in a chair, or lay in bed, my natural body heat warms the objects around me. If I get up and touch the chair or bed where I was, I feel my “left over” body heat. Throughout my life, I’m used to a certain temperature. But now, when I feel the chair or bed, the area feels much hotter. It is noticeable. Almost like fire. My body seems to be emitting more heat energy than usual. This is no doubt connected to the Earth changes and ascension of 2012.

Found a starseeds forum online.

Making more Facebook friends.

Sold Nintendo DS.

Cancelled cellphone and recycled it.


Times caught on clock yesterday: 3:33AM and 4:44AM.

0:00 time on microwave when I returned from bicycle ride.

Ground Zero.

Pretty cool, but probably because of the short power outage.

However, my computer is still on. Was just the microwave affected?


What caused the power out? No storm. Just random clouds.

I attempted to open my 3rd eye.

Things are building up and happening faster.


Exciting to experience. I want more!

Affirmation: “I deserve to create a reality of effortlessness and ease, and I will be supported.”

Thought at 1:11AM: ‘Moving out of here will be easy.’

I know these facts:

  • I chose to come into this life. It was my decision. I knew exactly what I was getting into and I wanted it.
  • The numbers in my birth date have a great significance to me (but is at this moment unknown to my conscious mind).
  • I have an image of stars—not from a planet looking up, but actually being in outer space.

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