July 28-29, 2010

Wednesday night, July 28-29, 2010

Attempted telepathic contact with future boyfriend. Sent a message visual of infinity symbol; 3 eights going up to the belt of Orion stars; asked if he’d be interested in a relationship or a possible meeting. No physical features; just saw him as a being of light (like a bright fire).


I was part of a cheerleading team or drill team. The woman in charge wanted me to be the head, or the leader of the team. I agreed to do it.

Somewhere along the line, I’d gotten the impression that I was going to jail. A black man saw that I was wearing half of a prisoner’s uniform, with chains on my hands and ankles. He said, “No, no, no. This isn’t where you’re supposed to be. I’ll make sure you get out of here.” He had authority to do that. I was happier and looking forward to it [leaving the prison area].

I had to get ready quickly. One minute before the show/event.


I was in the World of Warcraft game. Had not played in a while. Just like real life—not cartoons.

2 large giants, blue skin, male, female. “Bosses,” new addition to the game.

Being put into place. Uncertain aggro (boss proximity of activation) range.

I aggro’ed the male boss and he slowly started walking after me, expecting a typical Warcraft battle. He was a computer program—not a real person.

I ran away. He kept chasing. He’d kill me when he got to me.

“Help!” I screamed to by-standers.

I forget what happened next. I think he eventually de-aggro’ed and went back to his starting position.

The 2 giants had been placed in another location and were aggro’ed again.

I’d had enough. I left the area. But I had asked one question: “How do you know if this is real life?”


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