August 4, 2010

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Lord Mahaveer

Lord Mahaveer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Meditation (guided, via internet): Slipping away into daydream state. Felt a kiss on forehead. Felt hands under each of my armpits, pulling me up out of my body.

Entered through a door made of tree branches (tan color, orange, darker-medium tan).

Trees in room, expands into my home planet.

Creatures float/swim gently and slowly through air as they do on Earth in water. But on this other planet/place, it was through misty air like a rainforest after rainfall. Maybe much less gravity than Earth. Trees are extremely tall. Lots of forest. Colorful, medium light.

White fluff balls float around. Similar intelligence as dolphins. Telepathic communication. Group conscience. Wings, down-like feathers, white/gray. Body in middle of fluff. Hands held together and they form circles around trees and sing to the trees and plants. Sometimes healing broken trees. Fluff balls sometimes form “waterfalls” of them. Fluff ball beings’ exterior is feathers like a dandelion plant.

Slow, gentle, gradual, joyful, playful.

Piece of paper, opened, reveals word: “METAL” with thick circle: o

Time: Eternal NOW.


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