August 19, 2010 (Experimenting with the Law of Attraction)

August 19, 2010



sleep (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)


He was given a task
to fetch some water.

He was told that he could take his time, and
take a vacation as long as a
summer’s eve and a winter’s moon.

He was still there,
to get water,
an hour later.

The birds sang,
and he visited
the space
between chirps.

[Those words came to me in a dream and I scrambled to write them down as they faded so quickly upon waking.]


Some people on YouTube talk about this being a “frequency war” on earth.

Love vs. Fear (/Hate)

English: Robert Plutchik's Wheel of Emotions

English: Robert Plutchik’s Wheel of Emotions (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Maybe they’re right.

I feel like I just fought an intense battle.

I was suicidal and depressed. I was so upset about no direct contact [from extra-terrestrials]—everything seems so indirect and subtle, especially meditation. So I went “on strike.” More upset. Held knife to arm. Crying at night.

In the early morning dark hours of Thursday, I woke up and said, quite automatically, that I banish these negative feelings and they’re not allowed to come back, etc.

I awoke and am nearly back to my happy, bouncy, light-hearted self.


Time to know why you’re here.

Come with me.

Bring your journal and pen.

[drawing of my spirit guide, with colored pencils.]


  1. Ask. (Place the order) Be specific.
  2. Become the vibration of what you want to attract. See it in your mind. Match the frequency.
  3. Receiving. Both the manifestation and the opportunity to pursue. How do I see myself “catching the ball” that the universe tosses to me?

If difficulties come up, it’s a sign that something needs more clarification. (Go back to #2, to resolve obstacle).

the law of attraction

the law of attraction (Photo credit: Brenda Cooper

Be open and unlimited to HOW my “order” will come my way.

Beliefs that might need to be challenged:
I’m under the impression that I cannot live with roommates because I would not be able to get along with them.
I’m under the impression that I need money to live happily, comfortably and safely.


Dear Universe,

The Merle Great Dane.

The Merle Great Dane. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I would like to place an order for: a great dane dog or puppy.

Specifics: Reddish fur, male, I would have the means of easily providing him with food, water, and comfortable shelter, as well as medicine or healing if needed (but I would prefer a healthy dog). Likes to swim. Likes to play catch. Gentle and friendly with other animals and people. I am able to get him for free (without needing to pay money). I’d like for him to naturally stay by my side, when outside, so a leash is not necessary. I would have the means to transport him to the vet, if necessary (either a reasonable walk, or he fits in a vehicle that I can use). I’d like to name him “Butch.” Effortless to provide and care for him and I enjoy it.

Extra: Dog is given to me, as a gift. We swim together in the lake that is near our home.

Thank you!

Sincerely, Me.


Dear Universe,

I would like to place an order for: A place to live.


Remembering… (Photo credit: glen.dahlman)

Specifics: House or cottage. Immediately next to a large forest where I can go hiking and exploring (peaceful, not many people around). Lots of trees and some trees that can easily hold my weight, so I can climb. Home is also near a big lake. Lots of fish. Dolphins. Water is drinkable and healthy and safe to drink. Water comes from a waterfall (within a mile or less away from house). Waterfall is also drinkable and safe water—without man-made chemicals. House is far enough away from lake so flooding is not a problem. Home is protected from forest fires—almost magically—through energy and love.

A clearing is near the house, where it is very easy to create a garden. I plant flowers that encourage friendly bees, birds and butterflies to come. A smaller creek with little mini waterfalls on rocks is naturally formed near the garden clearing area. Creek flows in and out of clearing and forest. It is very little, but has water all year around. So it’s easy to water the garden. Things grow, as if by magic. It is always abundant and grows enough for both humans and animals. Birds leave enough for people to eat. Deer and eat, too. But every animal leaves enough for all humans who need to eat.

I’m the gardener. I take care of the land and it’s effortless to grow things. I also grow fruit, veggies, and herbs, as well as grains. I plant some for me, some for animals, insects and birds, and some for the nearby village.

There is a village nearby. I live alone, accept for any pets and a boyfriend who visits every few days. [Why not live with him? Well, at the time, I was afraid that it was impossible for me to live with others.] The village is friendly and filled with people like me. Many are starseeds and indigo and crystal and rainbow people. Some are hybrids (human and something else). Everyone lives in Love. Most meditate. We heal people, if someone gets ill or sick. We heal with our energy, mostly. Occasionally adding in a soothing tea. But the bulk of our healing is done with thought. We gather similar to like in the Avatar movie, where they gathered to meditate and focus on healing the main characters.

The forest has bright colors and I can communicate with the trees. I take care of them. Occasionally, I sleep in their branches and they make sure I don’t fall down by accident.

The insects and animals and creatures of the forest know that I will not hurt them. They don’t fear me. They come up to me and say “Hi,” sometimes.

Universe, I’ll need your help in getting to this location. I would prefer to get it for free—perhaps as a gift.

I would also like to ask for help in moving my belongings there, without spending money (Maybe assistance with moving, from a friend?)

I am able to take my piano there, so I can play. And a bed, too.

The house or cottage has a refrigerator, bathroom, stove and kitchen. I would like, please, to use “free energy.” NOT oil. What I mean is something like solar power or wind power or crystal power, or Tesla’s power. No electricity bills. It is completely free to live here (no money). No taxes on the land. The house is warm in winter and cool in summer, and I can cook food with this free energy.

I am fit and healthy enough to walk, bicycle, or run everywhere I need to go. If further, then I can use a free-energy vehicle—similar to a car, but no gasoline. Free to run Doesn’t break down. Dog can fit inside with me. Just in case, there is a person in town who can fix it. This vehicle was given to me as a gift.

I help grow food for the village. My garden grows all year ’round. Not just in the summer/fall. No one goes hungry. I give it to people for free, because I love them and I want to contribute and I love gardening so much.

I’d like my cat to live with me in this house/cottage. She’s still an “indoor cat.”

In the forest, the energy is light-hearted. Many fairies live there and I can see them with my physical eyes (not just my third eye chakra). I also see Jackie the unicorn spirit guide, and also Lucas the dragon spirit guide.

The village has open contact with friendly extra-terrestrial beings. They helped us with some technical problems and also mentored us in spirituality. I meet with the blonde I’ve been drawing, from time to time. He appears in the forest or in my garden, when I’m in those locations. He gave me some gardening tips, too. First Contact was loving and wonderful and exciting—not fearful at all.

Life here is very relaxed. I no longer “work” and there are definitely no “corporate jobs.” People do what they love—art, music, gardening, healing, gadgets, technology, etc.

Young people are attracted to the mystical energy of my garden. They like the butterflies and the creek. There are rocks to sit on, around the garden. Sometimes the young ones help me with gardening. I’m always able to save seeds for next year.

Bees offer their honey by their own choice. They are no longer “slaves” to humans. They are completely free.

A pod of Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins in t...

A pod of Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins in the Red Sea. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are fresh-water dolphins in the large lake. Turtles, too. The people who live here respect all life—rocks, animals, trees, people, E.T.s, etc. The dolphins are free and friendly. We can touch each other. I pet them. They like Butch, my great dane.

Wind chimes around my house.

The village is very thankful for the food from my garden.

Sometimes, on occasion, a weary traveler happens to find him/herself at my doorstep. Maybe lost or confused. I feed them and get water for them. They rest in the hammock in the trees outside. Within a few days, they either leave or decide to join the village. If join, then we build a house for them.

All the houses are made out of a new material—not wood, so we don’t chop down trees. The E.T.s taught us how to make strong and natural building supplies.

Sometimes the village gathers for a big bonfire, made of dead wood from the forest. We celebrate being alive and share stories of the past, including past lives [reincarnation stories].

I found out about the little village area and the vacant home/cottage through a guy who later became my boyfriend. We met randomly one day. He was drawn to my energy from across the room. He understands me—he understands starseeds. He can see auras. He is very spiritual, but not into religions. He showed interest in me, the first time we met, and we talked for a while. I felt comfortable and safe around him. He is like a kindred spirit. We didn’t officially start dating until after the move to the house/cottage. He helped me move there. He is very supportive of me. I feel rejuvinated and uplifted around him. We are able to go slow and build trust and love before sex. (In my vision of this future life, I was finally able to heal my sexual problems with the help of Pat—energy healing)

The home has plenty of windows and even windows on the top, so beautiful sunlight can shine down.

It is a safe, quiet (no leaf-blowers or lawn mowers) peaceful, magical place. Filled with light and love. Mild temperatures—easy to grow food all year ’round.

I sometimes go to the peoples’ homes/huts/cottages in the village and plant flowers, or seeds of flowers.

My home has a porch area. I hang bird feeders nearby. Lots of flowers grow around my home. The birds and bees love them. So does Lucas [baby dragon, spirit guide]—I can literally see him rolling around and eating a couple of flowers.

No loud, unnatural noises, such as leaf blowers, hot-rod cars, obnoxious motorcycles, or lawn mowers. Just the natural sounds of the earth.

Thank you!

Peace and Love,



Reading back over this “letter of order,” it seems like I’m trying to “recreate home” on planet Earth. Then I felt strongly that my main purpose—the one I’ve been searching for—is just that. I am here to bring to Earth the energy and spirit and zest of my home world. I don’t have to blend in, here. I’m supposed to be different, because I am different. I am unique on this planet. My species’ energy is helping out by doing our little part. Little creatures, little part. It makes a difference, for sure. Everyone makes a difference. I hope I can find this place to live and a garden in the forest.


Dear Universe,

I wish to merge my third eye with my physical eyes/vision. Please help me do this, so that I may better see my spirit guides.

Thank you.

Peace and Love,


[Reading over this journal entry is kind of embarassing that I fell for this “new age stuff,” but it’s part of my past and history, so I will post it into my blog anyway. ~November 4, 2013.]


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