August 20, 2010

August 20, 2010

The League of Supermen (Part Seven)

The League of Supermen (Part Seven) (Photo credit: fengschwing)


On a college campus. Could fly easily (no wings, no machinery). I just lifted off from the ground, like Superman. I knew that others could see me and that it was a rare ability. I didn’t care if anyone thought it was strange. I loved flying and I wanted to fly.


World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

World of Warcraft scene: new boss “installed” near college campus—3 women wearing long capes, with hoods drawn up over their heads. Capes were gray-ish. They aggro’ed from a reasonable distance.

Little enemies popped up from the ground, similar to mushrooms in Mario games. But none of this was a cartoon—it looked like real life. I could fly and float over the ground enemy spots. If they were aggro’ed, then they were easy to defeat.

Not quite ready to take on the 3-women boss, yet. Need to practice, or get more research, but I was confident that I’d easily learn the fight, and master it.


Dear Universe,

I would like to place an order for the following: E.T. visit.

Blue Aliens

Blue Aliens (Photo credit: Redgum)

Specifics: I would like to meet an extra-terrestrial being, and be able to have conversations with him/her, so it is obvious that I’m talking to someone that did not originate from (born on) Earth. I prefer a friendly, benevolent being, as opposed to one who would harm me. I’m open to humanoids, or other creatures—just as long as it’s easy for me to tell that I’m making contact with an E.T. being.

I would like to take a trip with them, possibly in their spaceship or by some other means, and travel to visit a few different locations, including my “home planet” that I’ve seen during meditations with Pat. It is a place with lots of trees, with purple-blue colors, and a reddish moon. I would like to meet my kin—the little ones with wings. I would like to remember everything.

Thank you!

Peace and Love,



Dear Universe,

Stuck on Nothing

Stuck on Nothing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I would like to place an order for the following: Live outside of the money system.

Specifics: I no longer want to work, especially in the corporate world. Instead, I want to be able to garden and relax when I want to. No asshole bosses. I decide what to grow or others can request that I grow something specific.

I’d like to live in a place where I can contribute gardening and I can live off the things I grow, all year long. I still am healthy, too. Gardening is my passion and I want to grow food to give to others. When I give them food, maybe they’ll offer to help me in return, but it is not necessary.

I still want a home, but I don’t want to pay bills anymore. I want a free home, free land, and free energy. No more taxes. I live in a place that is safe and loving, where I don’t feel pressure to get a job and make money. If this is possible, then I request help in achieving this, effortlessly, without struggle.

Thank you!

Peace and Love,



What synchronicities have I had? (things that let me know I’m on the right path).

  • gardening pot appears on porch area.
  • I found a page of cool guided meditations online, the day after Pat left for vacation.
  • Found a New Age store online, leading to a meditation group.


English: UCLA marching band

English: UCLA marching band (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was part of a musical group. Most were teenagers, including my sister and my boyfriend from high school. Females in the band. Their boyfriends and friends came over and demanded their attention, so we couldn’t practice. I got angry and yelled, calling the distractors names like “asshole.” Many got angry at me and I became an outcast. I decided to leave. The place turned into the old house where I grew up.

I opened the front door [to go outside] and saw a low bush with snow on it. I looked out and there was a thin layer of snow everywhere. I was shocked because it had not snowed in a while—a long time. With some of my stuff in my hands (as much as I could carry at one time without being too burdened), I stepped over the bush and walked to the driveway.

soviet mini-van

soviet mini-van (Photo credit: Ludovic Hirlimann)

Kids were playing outside. I had an increasing sense of urgency. 7 or 8 cars in the driveway. I didn’t see my usual car. I saw the family mini-van. I would maybe use that. I opened the door and put my stuff inside. In the driver’s seat, I noticed the steering wheel had been taken off and put into the floor of the passenger seat.

Then I saw my dad’s briefcase on the floor of the driver’s seat. I then concluded that he’s been using this van and will probably plan on using it for work, when the sun comes up in a few hours. I pondered using it anyway, but upon further inspection, I saw that a wheel was missing (rear driver’s side) as well as something missing from the fuel area (a pump?). The last bit was told to me from an unseen person. I grabbed my stuff, as well as my cat, from the van, and left it.

My boyfriend called me on a cell phone and explained why he was now dumping me. I could barely hear him. I just shrugged and said “ok.” It was more important for me to find a ride than care about losing him. His friend comforted me briefly with a hug. The clock inside flashed 11:11.

Next, I was in a car belonging to my sister. She was driving me, but I think she was going to a different location. She was laughing (not at me, but not in a good way) and just not paying attention. It was almost as if she was asleep, but she was driving and her eyes were open and she seemed to be functioning. The kids playing in the yard also had that “asleep” quality—it was creepy and weird. I had to get to school. The clock on the dashboard had been reset and it now flashed 11:11AM. It was still dark outside.

Go 11

Go 11 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I screamed at my sister: “What time is it?” I couldn’t believe she was just smiling and not taking the situation seriously at all. This was really important for me to get to school on time.

She eventually laughed and checked her watch slowly. She said I had an hour before the bus arrives. I asked her to turn me around, repeatedly, and she eventually turned around and came back home.

I decided that I’d just wait for the bus. I hadn’t taken a bus in a while—I’d gotten used to driving. But I had to be ready at 5:20AM—that is when the bus comes by.


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