August 28, 2010

August 28, 2010


I went back in time, to the time in the United States when there were water fountains labeled “BLACKS” and “WHITES.” I saw that the B. fountain was dry and not working properly. The W. fountain was just fine. B. population was going thirsty and there were angry, racist W. people who wouldn’t give them water. I wasn’t allowed to take water from either one, but I gave one of my mugs (the brown ceramic one I currently use for tea) to a W. She could then fill the mug from the W. fountain and give it to the B.s; then, no “rules” were broken.

A couple B.s were very thankful for the water and said to me, “Bless you, bless you.” I smiled and told them that it won’t always be like this—soon there won’t be any more separate fountains. It’ll get better.


Traveling back and forth in time. Looking for something, or someone. The corner store changed depending on the year, just like how the milkshake restaurant changed in the movie Back to the Future. Sensation of being chased, or needing to jump timelines to get away. [I had been listening to people like Laura Eisenhower talking about jumping time lines to get to an alternate reality on Earth.]


Went to a permaculture farm and helped them with gardening. Son of the owner really liked me and thought I was pretty.


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