September 17, 2010

September 17, 2010


A podiatrist, dressed like a surgeon in scrubs, talked about a way to soothe or flex the feet by wrapping tape around the feet when brought together.

I offered to show my ex-husband how to learn to read the streets and maps in the main city. I also knew about a wormhole system that led to an upper level (that’s where we were, currently). He initially didn’t seem interested, but then later wanted to learn.


From Jamie, unicorn spirit guide:

Hi! We love you! Soon, excitement for the move to California. We will guide you and be with you the whole way. It will be easy to get there and find the home. October 13 is a good date to go on journey. You will know when the time is right to return to your home, at end of this vacation.

We know you are tired. The difficulties are over. You do not need to struggle anymore. Relationships are easy when you follow your energy intuition gut.

I like your hair cut. Fuzzy!

No more fear is necessary. The Earth is splitting, on a deeper level. Soon it will be obvious and spread to the physical world. It is like an apple split in half, but then each half grows into a full apple again. From your point of view, those not in your reality will appear to die.

From Lucas, dragon spirit guide:

Flowers! nom nom nom [Note: “nom” is a cute eating sound.]

Dragon Green

Dragon Green (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sight brave merge dragon

blue balloon in California

we like to play hide and seek in the dragon realm with you, but sadness, we are sorry.

Lunch… humans can eat flowers too. I will show you which ones you can eat, in CA, and there are daffodils and dandelions.

Me: “Connection to dragon realm?” Yes, side-by-side in your home world. With trees that move their roots and branches dancing playing loving always connected

hug, energy hug

Me: “Why do I feel so sad around young dragons?” Space, crystal, love, longing.

Messages from home:

Came here to help. The wise one, with essence of planet. We are watching, with you. We love you, cheer for you.

Raising vibration of Earth, to love. So it is important for you to do things that make it easier to access love. Gardening is good. Funny-looking plants that don’t move, but still beautiful. California—we will help guide you. It will be very easy and smooth. The place in your drawings exists.

Keep researching gardening, in CA. Some snow, but not like mid-west cold. Things will grow all year, for you to eat. Plenty for animals, birds, and you, and some others.

Special land arrangement. Different than normal. Kind heart. He recognizes your energy. He has been prepared and expecting you. Man with a hat.

Another has been sent [to earth]. No longer alone. Walk-in, as you call it. Adult body. Has a blue dog. Me: “Can I have confirmation of this?” Of course.

E.T. being / spirit guide:

Commander. Thank you for writing. This is a good way to communicate. Many complicated barriers. Illusion of Earth is complex. But it is being unveiled now. Quarantine time to end. Your help in assisting Earth’s frequency vibration is most appreciated and beneficial. Love is very important. We agreed to help you through this learning process of experiencing earth. It was agreed that official contact would not be made until 30 years old. Hello and greetings! We are on Earth but not visible, yet. You will soon see me. Do not be afraid. You will know it is me. I’ll help you develop your telepathy skills. I am also assisting with the transfer of your energy to the place called California. It will be easy and painless. It is almost time to go. Just a few things left to do in your current location. You also have a “feline human” as a spirit guide.

“Feline human” spirit guide:

Hello! I am so happy and excited to meet you! We know all about you and are here to guide you. We love you very much. Yes I am what you would call “feline humanoid.” You are very special and important to be here in Earth at this time. Another has been sent to assist  you. He has had visions of you and is preparing to meet you. It will be in the land called California. We will help you more. Do not be afraid. Leave all fear behind today. There is only love in your future, now. We have gardens on our home world, too, but they are different. I’ll help you to garden, if you wish. We give you love and support. We are here when you need us. PS: Look for a green-colored car [in California].


Bear give you strength.

Hawk give you flight. Lift your wings and fly.


My sister had a marijuana plant growing. She didn’t realize it until she found it in an old stash one day. I asked if I could have it. It looked like an English Ivy vine leaf. I was excited to plant it. I didn’t smoke, but I still thought it would be cool to have it growing. As I was vacuuming and cleaning up, my mom had cut the plant’s growing part in half. She didn’t want it growing. She thought it was bad. I was angry and walked away, leaving her talking to herself.

But before that, my sister came to me in tears and I hugged her and comforted her. This was in the old house we grew up in.


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