September 19, 2010

September 19, 2010

Picard facepalm cookies

Picard facepalm cookies (Photo credit: justjenn)


Captain Picard was upset. He’d gone back in time to try and stop people from caring about animals, so they wouldn’t ruin his business and he’d have no “problems.” But he couldn’t figure out what went wrong and why it wasn’t working. He simply didn’t realize that humans care deeply for animals—it’s part of who they are. They would always naturally protest his future actions against animals.

He was unable to stop the train like he’d wanted. It was now a runaway train at full speed, taken over by the animal lovers. He didn’t understand, but knew he had to get off the train. With a lady friend, they looked down to the boulders half a mile below the tracks. She encouraged him to trust. They jumped and happened to land in a safe, watery part and they survived.

He arrived at the future (the present day) and greeted his crew (the cast from Star Trek: The Next Generation). They had missed him.


I saw a cute guy manager at Pizza Hut having trouble with his employees. They were trying to make a scene, but he always spoke to them only in private, in the back. Eventually, he fired one young lady. Turns out that he liked me very much and would try to meet me if he knew I’d be in a certain place at a certain time.





Trust. We will guide you very well when we go to California, to visit. You will know exactly where to go.




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