September 21, 2010

September 21, 2010


Me: “Hello, spirit guides. I feel tired. Weak. Am I a walk-in?”

Relax. We’re here. Breathe.


Sun flowers, love, fairies are here.

Your “kind” is like a lemur on Earth, but intelligent like humans and dolphins. They are always connected with you. They understand your experiences as you understand them. It is like an entire species has condensed into one human body, because you share everything with them. They work behind the scenes now. Age 30 was very important. Trigger for events to come. Change, much change —> happy love peace. We know exactly what you need and want and are working to orchestrate situations. The winter season comes to an end, and spring brings life, fruit, flowers, blossoms, new growth. There is one who is waiting for you and has been given signs. He’ll be near you in California. You’ll have opportunity to meet. It will be obvious. We’ll bring you two together. All you need to do is be yourself. The current sadness will pass very soon. We even have a pet dog for you.

We love you and area always with you, walk-in.

Memories will come very soon.


A dragon

A dragon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dear Lucas [baby dragon, spirit guide], Hi! Who am I?

You are you! And also a friend of the dragons. We get along well. Like to play. Bright bubbles!!! Paint with sand. Sing with color. Your race teaches joy in a playful way.

Thank you!


Dear Jamie [unicorn spirit guide], Hi! Who am I?

Gilt statue of a unicorn on the Council House,...

Gilt statue of a unicorn on the Council House, Bristol (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A ghost spirit, the old ones, many combined into one, and the one is many. Soul. Do not worry about labels. Sing. We love your song. You are so beautiful. We like to play. You are a friend of the unicorns and leprechauns.  A friend to the spirits of the forest. The trees always hear you. You will soon hear them speak. Change is coming. Nothing to fear. Love. When you visit CA, try the tea.

Thank you!


Dear Fairies, Hi! Who am I?

You are friend of the fairies and spider folk. We play. Don’t ask silly questions—you already know! We like cake. And flowers! Yes, bring

Fairy in the Fern House

Fairy in the Fern House (Photo credit: Frédérique in NZ)

us more flower-bubbles. They float! We don’t like cigar smoke. Piano is pretty. We will bring you more crystals. Thank you for writing.

Thank you!


Dear [main spirit guide, male], Hi! Who am I?

Unique. Lesson. Try Tried Fly Float Cigar Love Life Joy Spirit

CA—Do not go with the one who smells of cigar smoke, please.

Your spirit is free. Do not be weighed down by this world. They need your authentic self. Avoid negative thoughts. You are special. You are not just anchoring your energy on earth; as you transmit back to your home, they transmit to you. The energy of your planet is received through you, as if the entire species and planet was reborn into your current body. Their loving and joyful frequency enters earth through your body, spirit-soul, and mind. It is very strong. Like dolphin or forest energy. There is much more. Later.

Thank you!


Dear [feline humanoid, spirit guide], Hi! Who am I?

You are light and love. We love you and see you for your true self, beneath (or above) the body. You are from a different place than what would be called “normal” in the Milky Way galaxy. Birds fly where the fish swim. Beautiful planet of energy. Yet is also semi-solid. Much fluidity. Fly, float. Wings, tail, feathers, but different design template.

It is a newer place. Only 1 billion Earth years old.

Taste land. Eat fruit. Sunlight warms you. Vitamins now from air and sun and water and earth. Love. California awaits you. It is ready. I am physical. I am near you now. But not in your vision or realm, or dimension. We will show you everything you wish to know. Soon all will be revealed. No more darkness veil. Love.

Thank you!


Dear Home World, Hello, my friends! Please tell me—who am I? Can you please give me more insight into my true self?


speaking paper

paper talks


excitement now!

We love you! Earth is so fascinating! Thank you for going to earth. It helps us understand. We are NEVER separate. See you guide our hand to speak on paper and we guide you to remember JOY! Joyful songs create everything. Peace in heart. Love joy play we like play. More please. Look! Now a pony. Pony is rock! (pony rocks)

More more yes we like to create speaking paper.

Always love. Connected to Base. (Source?) All is one. You will seeeeeeee! So happy!


Lots of love.

Look lines in speaking paper for organization. Very intelligent!

We see you laugh. It is very healthy. Good to laugh. More!

BE. Always just BE. Energy sneezes to other humans. Contagious loving of earth.

BE spirit. BE soul. You are safe. You are thought in form. All share the experience of one.

Playground fun. Look for the G.

Speaks now. Tired, yes we see. Goodnight soon. We love always.

Thank you!


Hi 🙂 Anyone want to talk, or have a message for me?

Hello 🙂 Smiley face we drew.


Home World Beings

Yes! Hello. We are with you. Collective consciousness. Love. Yes tonight is full moon ceremony. Good energy and love. Activation, deeper than what you can see, yet, but it can still be felt. Feel with heart. Trigger tonight.


Yes we give lots of guidance if desired. It is good.

Thank you!


[main spirit guide] Love. Consciousness. Zebra stripes. Learn to trust. Thank you for writing. Excitement. Love. Trust. We help, within free will. You choose to accept help or decline. No wrong choice. Just experiences. Yes we will meet in the new world “in person.”

What is the “new world?”

It is where people live after they make the choice decision to choose Love. Currently, the old and new worlds are co-existing because people on Earth are alternating between love and chaos/fear. As more choose love, those who choose fear will not be able to survive. Their minds seem to explode and realities collapse. Inner conflict and chaos. New growth, from the ashes of the dying Fear ways.

Thank you!


Face of Praying Mantis

Face of Praying Mantis (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Are Praying Mantis beings real?








The mock up

Barrier will fall/falls

Truth comes now.

Full moon—doorway opens now. Old rules fall, so quickly.

Seems like the end, but it is a beginning to a new age.

A new race of care-takers on Earth.

Earth loves you.

? — I am Ra.


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