October 12–13, 2010 – Road trip to California begins

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I’ve stopped for a break. Las Vegas isn’t too far, now. I decided to take my car, packed full of stuff, because no hybrid rentals were available. I got an oil change also (a guy had cancelled so they could do my car; it was quick).

I thought for sure that I’d get a hybrid from the Axis rental place. When I called and they said none were available, I waited for them to call me back, magically expecting a car to be available. It reminded me of the scene in Harry Potter, where he was waiting for “his dad” to come and perform the “expecto patrolum” spell.

“Any time now. He’ll come!” ——> “Any time now. Axis will call!”

“Listen to me, Harry. He’s not coming.” ——> “Listen to me, (my name). Axis isn’t calling.”

Harry makes decision to do the spell. ——> I make decision to take my own car.

Anyway, things are pretty smooth. I feel light, loving, and happy. I ate a banana. Time to resume the trip!


Stuck in stopped traffic. Pretty view of mountains and a river.

In the Twilight Movie, when Bella moved from the desert to Washington, she brought a little cactus plant with her. Mine’s a little different… I have brought two little pots of sprouting apple trees. (Note: I brought a lot of stuff with me, packed into my car. I knew that I would find a new place to live, so I figured I might as well bring some of my stuff with me.)


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