October 19, 2010

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I had a dream that I was preparing to save someone’s life. I had gathered equipment to save someone drowning in deep water, including one of those breathing things that drivers use. The dream had an X-men feel to it. I twas set up in one location, then found out that the person was actually going to be in a different location. I quickly gathered my supplies and tools and headed off to the proper location. I had all the tools that could save him and I was prepared ahead of time. He wouldn’t be prepared, of course, as he is not expecting to drown.

Can I trust this dream?

[Note: Retrospectively, this dream could easily be seen as a fore-runner to my move back to the midwest to live with/near my younger sister.]

Bringing stuff in from my car this morning. My car still kinda smells like the redwood trees in California. It’s nice, but I hope it goes away soon. I still feel hurt and betrayed that I was brought to California for nothing.

Ok well I guess I’ll stay open to more signs. Curiosity go the best of me. I choose to connect again… to the universe, energy, spirit guides, and higher self. I need to know what the fuck is going on.

Calming down now, in the evening. Was the CA trip just to remind me of my exploring, adventuresome spirit?

I kinda feel like visiting more places. The number one obstacle in my mind is money. I want to save and spend as little as possible, so I can procrastinate getting back into the workforce as long as possible. How does one get money when one hates dealing with businesses, taxes, people and bosses?

Still lonely for people like me.

So crowded, here in suburbs. I feel like I hate people, sometimes.

I need more space.


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