October 29, 2010

Friday night, October 29, 2010

If I cannot have what I want, then I’ll escape into stories of my fantasies. I’ll write about it and escape real life as often as I can. Because I truly believe I am living in Hell….

Story: …I took a walk tonight. Just out to the empty field by a school. I met a man with long, blonde hair and deep, violet-blue eyes. I knew upon seeing him that he was not from Earth. Peace and love surrounded us. We hugged. He offered to take me aboard his ship and to travel away from Earth. I chose to stay because I hate myself and I’m a sick, masochistic fuck. Just kidding. I went with him, of course. We visited my home planet and other planets. I planted gardens on each planet. Land was freely given to me, without being wrapped up in monetary transactions such as mortgages and taxes. The animals didn’t run away from me. They came close and I could pet them and care for them. I planted trees for them.

Then I woke up and realized this was just a fucking story. It doesn’t exist.



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