Spirit Guides Fighting Negative Energy: A Personal Spiritual Healing Experience

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fuck Craigslist personals ads. I don’t think I’m ready for dating. This feels all backwards.

I had an interesting experience last night. It took place in the spiritual plane of existence, so my physical eyes saw nothing. I’ll write what I felt when I closed my eyes.

In the middle of the night, I woke up and felt a strong presence to my right—in the corner of the room, right next to me. (My bed is near a corner). I recognized the feeling to be one of my main spirit guides—the one I used to call “Michael,” who also Pat calls Arturi, which is similar to the name I received for him. He is one of my kind—well, one from a race into which I’ve reincarnated many times. The long blonde-haired man with violent-blue eyes.

His hands were over my heart and head area and I felt healing and protective Reiki energy. I saw/felt all my other spirit guides (at least 10 or so) healing/protecting me with Reiki energy. It felt like they were trying to draw out something from me—and they were. I felt sick, like I was going to puke. A black-grey cloud exited through my mouth and was put into something that looked like a bird cage (made of white light energy, instead of physical metal or plastic). The dark energy was trapped there and was taken from my room, through the ceiling, by an angel-looking person (could have been an ET, like an Arcturian).

I felt fidgety, twitching a few times. I started to feel sick again.

Another “ball” or mist of dark energy was removed from me, put in a “cage,” and taken out of the room—this time through the window.

I felt all the hands of the spirit guides over my body, healing me. It felt just like a reiki session. I felt like some of my self started to float a few inches over my body. It felt like a battle was happening—it felt like that battle I “saw” at the Platter’s Restaurant at Sea World [description here], during my third shift job there. It felt like people were arguing, though my physical ears heard nothing. My spirit guides were having a heated conversation (fight?) with some other entity/entities.

I felt sick again, and turned over on my side, unsure if I’d vomit or not. I felt like intense, concentrated energy was being exchanged—like a wizard fight from the Harry Potter movies. I felt intense emotions—very strong. There was something negative here with me in this room, and my spirit guides were fighting it.

In the fetal position, holding my head and stomach, I spoke: “I Choose Love.” I sensed anger—rapid fire of energy/emotions. I spoke again: “I Choose Love. Anyone that is not Love must leave.”

I opened my eye and looked directly at the center of my room, where I thought the dark energy was located. There was another clash of energy—friction—sparks like Harry Potter spells—between it and my spirit guides.

“It” divided into many parts and fought my spirit guides, but it was quickly cast away.

It was gone.

I closed my eyes and just lay there for a moment. I felt/saw my guides gather around me and re-activate all of my chakras again. Had they been subdued or shut down? I guess so. I saw all the bright colors of my chakras. The sick feeling was gone. My guides stood around my bed like guardian soldiers and I saw my self as a new kind of light energy—very strong. The will to live in Love returned.

It felt like that one scene from Harry Potter where he and his friends are captive at the Department of Ministries (Order of the Phoenix movie) and suddenly they are rescued by wisps / beings of light who transform into Professor Moody, Professor Lupin, and others.

That intense battle energy—light fighting dark—was what it felt like. The final battle—like Harry’s struggle in his own mind against Voldemort—was similar to my “battle” when I fought for Love.

I think a fight just happened. I was being influenced by something dark, and my spirit guides rescued me. And I fought, too. I felt cleansed when it was over. My chakras are lit up again. I fell asleep shortly after that. It was a fascinating experience.

When I experience my guides fighting for me, it sends unspoken messages to me: that I am worth fighting for, and worth loving. And that they love me and protect me. I feel like the trust has been restored. I trust them again.

Some people say that we’re fighting an unseen war. It’s a fight for our minds, taking place in the deeper, spiritual world. But we’ve got help. We’re not alone. We have people on our side. Yet none of it would have made any difference if I gave up… so wheat is worth fighting for, in my eyes?

In last night’s dream, I saw a boy with a shaved head. The head was extended, like in Ancient Egypt.

After I’m done with this place [Earth], I demand a mother fucking vacation. A long-ass one.


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