ET False Flag, visions, restlessness, energy, conspiracy theories, difficulties with guys

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Rumors of an alien false flag attempt, today.

Woke up early again—5:00 or 5:30AM.

Last night, sensations of seeing everything vibrating and shaking. Sinus congestion, sneezing a lot. Eyes really itchy—due to chem trails?

Woke up last night—visions of thousands of angelic beings in the sky—appeared to fly without technology. White robes. White energy light comes from them.

The key to breaking the illusion is to remember/realize that we’re all One… individuals exist, like separate ocean waves exist, but we’re all part of the One.

Driving around—-> CALM BEFORE THE STORM. II, II, II: right in a row. Seen while driving, after the thought.

I can feel it.

A silence in the air.

Very soon now.

[Buying] More preparations, today—>food, fire starter, pepper spray.

Nov. 7: Powerful energy waves on Earth now. I can feel it.

This feels like No Time. Time no longer exists. The space between spaces. Calm before the storm. Waiting period. Extra time, between the measurable time.

Preparation… to leave. Maybe camp in forest? Will major cities like this one be dangerous 2 months from now? Will I need to hide in the forest?

I felt the Collective Human Mind, for the first time while driving around, yesterday.

I awaken in the middle of the night to floating—or at least it damn near feels like it! Very light, now.

Mer-Ka-Ba (Light-Spirit-Body)

Nov 8: Is the sun rising in a different location? It feels like it. I just had the sensation of time slowing down. If time was like a slingshot, then we’d be in the part where it’s pulling back, just at the end—it slows down, squeezing a little more power out, before it releases. We’re just a moment before the release. Then, everything will fly out, super fast! Outside, the clouds are now at a different angle than I’ve sen before. It feels different.

Nov 9: I’ve been hearing all sorts of stuff online:

  • Massive inflation coming our way, the death of the US Dollar due to a Currency War
  • Web Bot reports talk of a tipping point, Nov. 2010
  • Aliens/UFOs disabling nuclear bombs
  • Mass awakening of public—”sheeple” = sheep people (aka: metaphorically “asleep” and “blind”)
  • Major earth changes—rivers disappearing, volcanoes, Planet X, axis shift/pole shift, huge sink holes, new islands forming in ocean, solar activity, animals dying in large numbers
  • False Flag attack predicted (U.S. govt. attacking its own citizens to justify intrusive laws that take away freedom
  • U.S. constitution defenders being labeled as terrorists
  • Peak Oil, collapse of economy
  • Major DNA upgrades and changes that would cause abilities like telepathy
  • Govt. disclosure of alien contact, coming soon?
  • Gulf [of Mexico] oil spill
  • War between snakes and dragons?

I’ve been trying to meet people—friends, guys—online. But every time I think about actually meeting in person, I don’t want to. I pull out. Is it fear? Maybe something needs to be healed, here. Maybe I still need to heal something from the last boyfriend? Plus, I’ve met a handful of guys since him, who have all turned out to be disappointments. I don’t like the sexual pressure, and I fear putting myself in situations where I may be harmed—especially having my body boundaries violated. I feel divided—I wish desperately to be held and loved and for a sense of belonging; yet I also feel like I can’t stand humans… they disgust me. Sometimes this whole planet fucking disgusts me. But it’s not the planet—I love Earth. It’s just the chaotic culture of the humans in power. It conflicts what I feel in my soul. Sometimes I wish I could have an alien boyfriend, instead.

Nov 14: I’m still trying to answer the question “who am I?” I’m not satisfied with the answers so far. I want more. I felt sick last night. Drank apple cider and felt better. I thought I was gonna puke. Yemen/Gulf of Adan—MAJOR amount of medium earthquakes all day today, from the 4.0s up into the 5.0s. Like, 30 or so, all centered in that basic area 10-degree map centered at 10°N, 45°E. Started at 6:30AM, GMT/UTC. Dolores Cannon: The earth shift has to happen gradually, or the body wouldn’t be able to handle a sudden change.


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