“Slaves” and healing the past

Tuesday, November 17, 2010

If we really have been slaves—for EONS—then we might be confused, once we are free. Will we even know what to do with our newfound freedom? We could certainly use some friends or mentors to help us. …Is it possible that I am one of the mentors? First, I must truly figure out what to do with my own life, I suppose. And in that case, I could really use a friend or a mentor.

I’ve been helping my sister deal with her feelings towards dad. I once had the same anger, fear and confusion. As I walk with her, I realize that I am no longer angry at dad. I no longer fear him, because I believe in myself. I believe in my ability to stand up for what I believe is right. I can stand up to him, if needed, ’cause if I can stand up to a scary office bully like Jean [See this post.], then I can stand up to my dad. And if I can face my fears on an individual level, then I can face my fears on a global scale and stand up, rise up, with my fellow human brothers and sisters to face our fears. And become who we truly are meant to be—beautiful, loving beings of light, who are no longer slaves controlled by the few.

This is how my experiences have led me through:

If I can do X, then I can do Y.

And if I can do Y, then I can definitely do Z!

Step by step, from tying my shoes to finishing a race… to helping/teaching/guiding others to finish their races.

I had a dream that the marching band was waiting for me to get my instrument together. The director didn’t start without me because I had such an important role. I was surprised to realize this. I hurried, then.

  • Have the experience
  • Realize the connection, importance of the experience
  • Realize who I am by realizing how experiences have shaped me
  • Realize my destiny by realizing the direction which the experiences have pointed me

(“understand” can be substituted for “realize”)

I worked backwards: I can realize my destiny by realizing who I am. I can realize who I am by understanding my experiences. And, of course, having the experience is Step One.

Dream: My dad was trying to commit suicide by swallowing minerals (rocks). He tried sexual things and also tried blaming me, but I explained to him that he was responsible for himself—not me. He didn’t seem to fully understand, but I remained detached, in a Buddhist sort of way, and did not involve myself.


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