Brainstorming: Which type of guy for me?

Sunday, December 5, 2010

“What kind of character would Doc fall in love with and who’d fall in love with Doc Brown?”
—Question posed by the creators/writers/producers of Back to the Future Part III

When the writers of Back to the Future Part III first started writing the script, they thought: “Ok, well, what kind of woman would Doc be interested in?” and they went from there.

Ok, what if I took myself as a character in a book or movie and asked the same question? —-> “What kind of a guy would be perfect for her?” This requires me to step outside myself, connect with Higher Self, and enter “Third Person Mode.”

He would be smart. Really smart. He’d be someone who can see past bullshit (the bullshit of the government, the world, corporations, and also on an individual basis—the B.S. in other people). Quick to catch on. Intelligent.

He’d be interested in alternative energy. Possibly living off-the-grid.

He can sense that humans aren’t living to their full potential.

He can take action (he’s not just all talk, or not just all ideas).

Those are the aspects of myself that I think would be good to see in a partner.


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