Picked up a hitchhiker

Monday, December 6–7, 2010

Spontaneous road trip. Picked up a hitchhiker and took him to a popular town up north of the main city.

I was looking for land to buy, but didn’t find any. But he was cool. Awesome, actually. I wish I could find a cute guy who is like him, for my boyfriend.

Sick of being alone.

Sad. Lost, lonely.

Tired of this city and this state.

I wish my childhood fantasy would come true. I wish an Elf [Glorfindel, Lord of the Rings] would come rescue me and take me away to his forest home. [Note: Ironically, this wish came true somewhat, in 2013].

[Pen drawing of me under trees.] Cosy little nook; hiding place; sleeping place in the forest, surrounded and protected by shrubs and trees. My little home. Why can’t I have this on earth? Why does it cost money to have land?


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