Brainstorming what to do and where to go

December 9, 2010

My sister expressed that she misses me and wishes I lived closer. I’m not really attached to [my current location]—nothing really is holding me here. I’m just uncertain if the freakish cold weather in the U.K. will also happen in [the northern mid-west states]. If so, I don’t want to be there. This state has no floods, no snow, no tornadoes, no landslides (at least the capital city).

December 11, 2010

More snow in the U.K. Scotland’s roads covered in ice. Some dying from cold. Bizarre old—ice age due to the Gulf current stopping (result of oil catastrophe in April 2010, near Louisiana).

Talked to sister on Skype. Reconnecting. I hope to “ease the load” of her pain, leftover from childhood, surrounding dad.

Should I move to her? Is it going to be an ice age like in the United Kingdom and Europe?

I think I’d like to do something in gardening for a living. Working, perhaps, for donations or on a barter system. I like starting plants from seed.

So… maybe I can just have an off-the-books business of starting plants and then giving them to people? Maybe container plants that they can have on their porch.

My “pots” can be recycled plastic bins.

For trees, I’d need bigger, nicer, ceramic or clay pots.

Companion Planting, in the pots.

Use Reiki on plants? Use craigslist? Grow out of a cup?

Possible plants: lettuce, spinach, herbs, flowers, carrots, edible weeds (dandelion; no chemicals or pesticides), cat grass, wheat grass.


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