Strange weather, alter egos, aliens, control

Sunday, December 12, 2010

The news and current events are beginning to be difficult to keep up with. So much going on. Computer virus. Will we see free energy emerge? Or will we [USA] digress into a third-world country?

December 13, 2010

Dream: People in an enormous hospital were being drugged. It symbolized the comatose public. […]

Headline: 35,000 to be killed in arctic weather? Scotland, Britain, Ireland, Turkey, all getting freak snow and ice. Middle East has crazy floods and storms. Gulf loop current and conveyor belt of warm water is broken, but possibly started [to break] back in 2007, so it’s not just because of the BP oil spill in April 2010. Something else affected the flow. And my state feels warm, for December. Is this city going to fry, next summer?

December 14, 2010

Well, I’ve started to gather enough “survival” equipment that I’m considering hiking for fun, as a vacation. I’ll start with something easy. Just sleeping two nights, perhaps. That would be long enough to try out some of the gear. I’d go alone, but I’d also have my spirit guides with me… and a taser—haha!

Dream interpretation—symbols by a guy who specialized in deprogramming (Stewart Swerdlow). ( Men, older: Strong guardian alter. Man (sat down on chair): Alters taking your place. Woman: Left brain, ego self. Ego self is the drugged self. I ascend to my alter self. (True self?). Number 8: Angelic Frequency. Bicycle: subliminal sexuality. Sex: need to blend or merge left-brain with right-brain. Father’s old bedroom: spiritual ideas not used. Aliens: aspect of personality with which you are not familiar (focused thought?). Spaceship: higher awareness. Doorways: connection to various alter groupings/families.


  • Three times in a row imprints on you (commercials, etc)
  • Sirius gave technology to Reptilians and Lyrans to control and program their own people, from the very beginning.
    1. Perpetuation of their own civilization (no deviation).
    2. Free will encourages deviation from the original.
  • Religion is mind-control, some programming. Fear is used (burned in Hell).

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