Thinking about moving out of the state

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Good morning! I asked Gaia for a message she might have for me. “Time is irrelevant.” “Trees love you.”

I absorb new energy of universe, now affecting Earth. Leadership grows inside me. Yet I know not what—or whom—I would lead.

9:19 (time) —> My own translation: There’s nothing else I need to do here [in this U.S. state]. I am free to go.

My sister had an idea for me to move into a relative’s place back in the midwest and become a Property Manager. It sounded like something I could do and Pat [meditation group organizer] got good vibes on it. But people are living there now, under contract. Plus, the heating bill would be up to $400 or $500/month! So that is not the place for me. I cannot live there now. I guess that means I belong somewhere else. I wish it was easier to figure out where to go. Nothing feels right. Nothing feels like home. I’m constantly feeling awkward—like a fish out of water.


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