Feeling a small connection to Earth

Saturday, Dec 18, 2010

I woke up when it was still dark outside. I had the feeling or expectation that I could just look out the window and see something like 5 feet of snow all over. I guess that might be a vision connected to the United Kingdom and Europe.

Yesterday in the grocery store, I could kind of feel the energy of the bins of tomatoes. Some felt sick or not healthy. Others—the two I picked—felt good. I think my connection with plants is growing stronger. My connection with Earth.

I think one of my mango plants is dying and transferring its energy over to the second [there were two plants growing in one pot], which has ben looking great and growing more over the past several days.

Winter Solstice is soon. Almost full moon.

Child of the forest, fly now.

Figuring out for myself what the truth is, is very difficult. It is a great challenge to learn to see clearly, but I won’t give up. I love Gaia. I want to help her.

I want to know more. See more. Feel more. Be more in tune with Earth. More psychic powers.

become… the leader, the teacher, the mentor. The light.


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