Winter Solstice 2010

Tuesday morning, December 21, 2010

Happy Winter Solstice!

Wow, the energy of last night was incredible. I’d taken a nap yesterday afternoon so I could have a better time staying awake for the eclipse. I checked the moon, at night, out my window. When it was half way through the eclipse, I went over to the park across the street and sat on a bench. Heavy clouds, but the light of the moon was strong. Some breaks between clouds. I bet the clouds were formed by people—not natural [aka: black ops government or something like that]. Chemtrails, perhaps.

I had a slight headache, not really painful, while walking to the park. I meditated on peace, love and joy. I breathed in the new energy. I felt very light, as I feel somewhat light right now. As if I could fly, or lift off, out of my body.

I felt my commitment to Love solidify. It was as if I’d been traveling back and forth across a bridge, constantly visiting two destinations. Then last night, I left one destination behind. I stopped crossing the bridge and stuck with the other destination. I know now that no one can take Love away from me. It will always be with me. I feel committed to it. And I can totally choose to do this, if I want, because of Free Will.

I feel like I’ve passed through something very important. Within hours, I feel changed. New. Renewed. Different… in a good way!

On my way home, the eclipse made the sky dark. But all the city lights were still on. I was getting cold. I took a couple of brief steps outside and saw the moon. It looked strange, different, eerie. As if seen behind a veil or screen. I could see it starting to turn red. I knew it was eclipsed, and yet I could see the outline. I guess, to describe it, it looked as if the sun’s light merely passed through the Earth and appeared on the moon. But the light was filtered and dimmer than normal moon light.

I feel quite different. The new energy has changed me. Light-heartedness.


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