Dream: escape through flying

Thursday December 23, 2010


Being chased by authorities. On foot, I found I was quite slow. I tried imagining I was faster, since I knew I was in a Matrix-like dream world. The police had undercover cops. I made the mistake of trusting them—or rather, I initially was unable to detect who was a spy and who was a civilian. They kept catching me. I guess I was considered dangerous, though I don’t remember doing anything harmful. The first time, I didn’t even make it out of the building. The third time, I hopped on a motorcycle. He stopped and offered to help. All these people were “insiders.” So I trusted less, then. I went alone.

I then escaped and went through a maze of doors and open rooms. It was like a storage area for costumes and props for plays and musicals. I grabbed a new shirt. When they found me, they were going off a written description of my original pants (tan cargo pants with multiple pockets) and my shirt, which I’d exchanged for a purple shift. I said that I was a new employee there. One believed me and went on her way. Another recognized me.

I ran. I tried to “will” myself into blinking a mile ahead, with my mind. I could do it. The others could not jump ahead with me. But when I started to doubt my abilities, I’d “flicker” between ahead and back. I lost concentration and ended up back where I was.

Then I was with the several police/captors (both in uniform and civilian clothing). There were a few glass doors. The place had glass windows, like a typical street corner diner, with open spaces. It wasn’t too big, though. A shy guy was closing the shop and locking the doors as they’d ordered him to do. I walked to him and said, “I can feel your energy.” I could tell that he was questioning his job and what they’d told him about me being a danger. I smiled and then slipped out the unlocked door.

It was always easy to escape out the doors and begin to run. The problem was that the authorities were far more proficient runners. I was slow and sluggish at running on foot. This time, snow was on the ground. I ran on a clearing through tall pine trees which were also dusted with snow. I decided to try flying. As in previous dreams, I flew now by willing myself upward, with my mind. No machines were involved. I flew without wings. I still followed the path, at my sluggish running speed. But they on the ground could not catch me. Dogs—tracking dogs—were released. Some dogs carried toy balls, like tennis balls, in their mouths. They jumped at me and almost touched my feet. I think half the dogs thought this was a game. Maybe the dogs were just there to scare me and intimidate me.

The concentration was key. I needed to keep my focus. The pursuers walked on the ground below me (that’s how slow my “running/flying” speed was). Then at the end of the dream, I decided to start flying over the forest of trees, instead of over paths, to make it more difficult for them to follow me. I knew they did not have the ability to fly, so I’d simply, casually, go where they could not follow me on foot. They were almost like robots. Or zombies. Just… unthinking people, barely worthy of being called a human being.


This theme is starting to be a recurring dream, I think. I am running from people who wish to capture me, and whereas they can keep up with me on the ground, they simply cannot follow me when I use my mind to fly.

That, I think, is certainly also true, to a degree, in waking life: The way to freedom is by using the mind.


I feel like I am separating. Not really from Earth, but… from the other humans, or at least separating from a great number of them. Going different ways.

I am not afraid, although choosing fearful reactions is certainly a choice that I am very free to make. But I choose not to. I choose calm love.

I don’t understand all of what’s going on, but I believe a number of human beings will be changing, now. I’ve researched on the internet, trying to grasp what this “evolution” will be like, exactly. People have differing stories and opinions.

Something is happening to my body.

But again, I am not afraid. I am not in pain.

It is just change.

Change for the better, I’m sure.

In the past, I suppose I would have felt lonely, but now I instinctively know I am not alone. These experiences are shared by many. Maybe not the majority. But, many. We feel the change. We know it’s happening now. We share it together. In our dreams and meditations. All across the globe. Maybe even across the galaxy and universe. Yes… definitely the universe. Many are changing. A great reunion is coming.

Is my body almost obsolete now? I mean, personally, for me. My body is in excellent health. But for the mental and spiritual exploration, I almost feel a desire to… to what? …I am not sure. I feel like I could leave the body behind.

Well, wherever I end up, I still want to grow a garden. I love plants. And I wish to live peacefully with forest creatures. I’d like to visit the other planets. I could totally picture myself being a tourist. Maybe just to the safer planets—not as war-like and hostile as Earth. And when I visit each planet, I wish to keep my memories! Just relax for a bit. I feel like I need a gigantic vacation, after these years on Earth.

Visual confirmation of a prior message in group meditation: Light nap. Not even asleep. Just closed eyes and wondered for a moment, opened eyes at perfect timing. Bright sun, afternoon, coming in window. Blue sky. Sun cast shadow of outside tree onto wall, as well as shadow of crystal hanging on inside of window. Crystal spread little rainbows. The “writing on the wall.”


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