Three Dreams: Pets, Trains, and Time Travel

Friday, December 24, 2010

I have 3 dreams to report.

“Report?” I must have been watching too much Star Trek.


Anyway, the shortest dream was me walking in a community outside at night. The area appears to be abandoned by most humans. A barking dog is left on the front porch (wooden), tied up with a harness and leash. He had tried to get away, so there were large, open wounds around his hips, where the harness dug into his fur and skin.

There was another injured creature/pet—either a small dog or a cat. I sat down next to both. They did not harm me. No barking. I started to attempt Reiki healing on them—particularly the large dog.

Then apparently, the owner came home. I explained what I was doing, but stopped and respectfully left the animals in the hands of their rightful owner. The owner was an average human and unaware of what Reiki was, or that the dog even needed more care and attention than what it was getting. I left the area.


In another dream, I rode a train. One  area was particularly sectioned off. I was on the train going to a nearby city and the airport, which was the opposite way I wanted to go.

I considered jumping on the other train as they temporarily stopped next to each other, but it would have only been stopped for 5 seconds or so. I had luggage and my cat, so I just decided to wait and take the long way—the current train would eventually reach the end and then switch to come back. I was allowed to stay on the train as long as I wanted. I worked to gather my belongings. I think I was in the process of moving. The trouble was that I seemed to be somewhat disorganized, or I had too much stuff to make an easy transition off the train when it stopped. and I didn’t want to leave my cat behind.

The train stops were quick. On the way to the city, others boarded the train. The piano guy [from May 2010] was there and gently petted the cat, but ended up hurting her or pulling out one of her whiskers. She didn’t like that and stayed away from him, hissing. I don’t think he realized that he hurt her and he casually continued talking to his friends.

As we traveled, almost near the airport, I saw outside that there was a hologram installed, to make it look like we were underwater. Lots of interesting, different species of fish and sea life!

I need to get off at the airport, but wasn’t sure if there was enough time to deposit my stuff. It might take two trips and I didn’t want to leave my cat unattended, or risk half my stuff going away on the train suddenly. I wasn’t sure if I was ready to depart.


I believe that this dream coincides with a vision (daydream?) yesterday evening. I saw a man (appeared to be around my age, physically), dressed in white (a white suit? white robe? white shirt and pants?). As soon as I thought about his image, I realized that this was not his true form—that this was merely how my human brain was interpreting this person’s looks. He asked me, telepathically, if I was ready to go. This means—ready to take the next step in my soul’s journey. This body would likely not be needed anymore. It would be my choice. He would not force me or anything. My “knee-jerk” reaction was “no.”

Perhaps the illusion of death still fears me, especially since most of my memory was wiped, upon birth on Earth. But seeing my future—seeing where I needed to go next, or work next—has been exceedingly difficult. Is it possible that I originally did not plan a future much beyond 30 years old, here [Earth]? And how could I possibly make a decision if I wish to stay or leave, with my limited human perspective?

I think I will leave this decision to my higher self (oversoul or whatever). If Gaia needs me in this form, I’ll stay. Besides, I am quite curious to find out what is going to happen in the 2011-2013 Earth time. I wouldn’t mind hanging around for at least 3-5 more years. But I”ll need a source of income, if I’m not gonna be homeless, on the streets. Perhaps Reiki or gardening? Or both, for diversity. Living in this apartment, I really only need about $1,000 per month, or so.


Ok. On to my third dream. I had the ability to fly, by transforming into a hawk or eagle-like bird. In fact, it was the bird form used by the Tauren Druids in the World of Warcraft online game that I used to play.

I dove off a tall cliff as a human. I transformed just before impact towards the ground, allowing for flight and catching my fall before touching the ground. “Whew! That was close!” I joked to myself.

There was a waterfall and a house or little structure that hung over the waterfall at the top. There was a dock or bridge. A white rowing boat under the bridge. Day light. Green grass. Mountains nearby. People. My dad was there (I did not fear him or was not angry at him). We went through a scenario where a guy escaped on the white rowboat. Then I (and my dad?) traveled back in time to before the incident. We thought about catching the guy (I think he’d committed a crime?). We knew where he would be and we knew he’d take the boat.

I rushed around (flying) to find the guy and the white boat. Then I realized that this scene, even though it was perceived to be “bad” must be allowed to play out. So I let him go, without interference. My dad did not understand such concepts, but he was unable to stop the guy anyway. I understood a bigger picture, somehow.

And flying is so much fun in these dreams!


I awoke sometime last night to the sensation of the “man in white” off to the side, near the foot of my bed. And also surrounded by at least 3-4 more similar-looking people in white. Were they really wearing clothing that was white? Or was I just seeing pure light bodies, somehow? No ill intent. They almost felt protective, or helping to raise my vibration. I felt “lifted” slightly from my body. Almost flying or without gravity. I feel like I know them. I am familiar with them and I don’t need to fear them at all. They are friends, here to help me.


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