Dreams on Christmas Day

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Nothing much going on today. I feel like the natural solstice “seasons” or “holidays” have much more significance than the man-made holidays.


I had a most incredible dream last night. I was with new friends. They invited me over to hang out in their basement, which was decorated with colorful lights, toys, and video games, and a few chairs and couches. But they were afraid. They’d been living in fear of a ghost presence. They were absolutely terrified.

When the ghost made an appearance to us, the others were fearful, but I had no fear. I stood up to it, with such courage, bravery, inner strength, and conviction that was simply “off the charts.” I’ve never before in my memory experienced such authority within myself, in waking life or dream life. There was determination.

Plus, I could see through the ghost. I could tell that there was a human behind it. Perhaps at one time there was a small supernatural presence, but the person “behind the curtain” [reference to Wizard of Oz] was using the story of the ghost to strike fear into these people, in order to control them. The “ghost appearances” and poltergeist activity were nothing more than mere parlor tricks—”smoke and mirrors,” so to speak.

So I held my ground when the others crumbled in fear. I spoke loudly to it, demanding that it leave at once and no longer cause fear, here. The power of the mind would help to reduce its power, because there was something supernatural at work here—it was just being manipulated.

I gathered the people together and taught them meditation. I taught them how to synchronize our Love Energy to weaken the power of the ghost entity and the people who were controlling it.

A ghost face appeared, approaching behind a thin curtain. I stood up, with such power and force (not bad power, but the power of Love, really) and I pulled back the curtain.

I think the dream began to fade, then. But I planned on getting to the bottom of this. There was a determined leadership quality about me. But no trace of fear, greed, manipulation, or desire to control others. I was there to help them and put a stop to this nonsense. But I was never the type to brag or show off.

Earlier [in the dream], I was on a beautiful, small beach. White sand, clear water. A few paces out, green-blue water, tropical. Black-furred puppies swam without getting wet. We played. Announcement in the news about new creatures and plant life being found—creatures from thousands of millions of years ago. Swimming, friendly Brontosaurus-like creatures with long necks were nearby. They were playful. Then people started to show up and play also. It felt too crowded, so I stopped swimming.

Dollhouses nailed into the ground were removed. Exploration of ground underneath. Small, white scorpions. I did not fear them. I leaned in for a look, then went about my way.


I’m ready for another adventure! But not exploring mountains [reference to visit to northern CA, Oct 2010]. Rather, exploring my own mind and spirituality. I desire to tear down the wall. Get rid of that fear of being who I am. No need to hide my beliefs, my personality, my goals, my life. That is one thing I really did at the other job. I hid who I was, because the atmosphere seemed unsafe, chaotic, and untrustworthy. The people seemed too different, like they’d be unaccepting.

And perhaps many out there are unaccepting of my non-traditional ways. But I’d bet I’ll have an easier time attracting those like me if I am more outspoken about who I am inside. And I don’t mean to preach or force others to listen. Just… not hide it, if the topics come up in conversation. My dreams have proven to me that I am strong. I believe I am ready for the next step. The world needs me. The world needs all of us.


Wait. Am I crazy? Another adventure? Wasn’t I just talking about taking a vacation? What about just being find with where I am, right now? Am I just exhibiting the human trait of never being satisfied? Of setting constant goals? Does it ever stop? I think I’d like to stop. I don’t want to go through another 30 years of chaos.


Over the past few weeks, I’ve been catching a lot of 8s and 18s on the digital clock. These feel like “my” numbers. Like a power number. I feel close to Eight.


I feel like I am exactly where I should be. Mentally, spiritually, physically, emotionally. I feel balanced and happy. Eager to see what awaits us in 2011. I wish to increase psychic skills and abilities. Further my connection with Earth and my Self. I’d still like to have a dog as a pet. Maybe a rabbit, too.

The energy of the solstice seems to be simmering down.


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