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Monday, December 27, 2010

In my personal opinion and experience, Earth is fucked unless we get some outside help.

But we’ve gotta do work, too. No one is going to rescue us. Just assist and help.

I want to build gardens and forests. Live in balance with the land. Free energy. No more bills. Everyone can contribute to society whatever brings them joy.

My waste products are starting to smell like exactly what I eat, over the past few months. My poo smells like cookies! What a coincidence! I’ve been eating cookies yesterday and today!


So many prophecies. Which will happen?

I think human collective consciousness calls some of the earthquakes to happen. We call them to us, to wake us up. The southwest U.S. seems very safe. Elsewhere, there are snow, floods, earthquakes, landslides, and sinkholes.

New discoveries under the Sphinx in Egypt will soon come to public eye.

March 2011: Time and events become 20 times faster.

So who were these guys in white, in my vision or in my 3rd eye sight? I’d like to communicate. …Maybe in a dream?


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