Decision to move back to the Midwest

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Cult group in a large building. I’m trying to escape. Gathering things—not much. Just some clothing and a toothbrush. Like an overnight bag. Cat left behind. I was afraid of nighttime. Night was when cult members were most active. I returned in morning. Cat appeared to have a surgical procedure like a lobotomy, on the back of her head. I cried and felt horribly guilty for leaving her here. I’d just felt like I didn’t have enough time to make two trips—similar to the other dream, a few days ago [train].


I’m trying to sell my stuff, so it’s easier to move. [I wasn’t sure where I’d go next, but I felt a desire to move.] I love the cat dearly but I wonder if I subconsciously resent that she doesn’t make it easy to move and “escape” [my current location]? Or is it something else. Why am I having these dreams?


I had a dream that I was in danger somehow. A very realistic-feeling dream. Was it real? Or a dream? Anyway, I was under attack via supernatural means, by an entity. I gathered my energy centered around my heart. I looked at my body and saw a green-yellow light coming from my heart chakra. It expanded, as I willed it to expand, to encompass my entire torso. This energy was able to ward off the one with ill intent.


Rain today. All day. Night, too. Just light sprinkling.


I found more websites and info on the government and corporations. Interesting stuff! The economy will collapse, soon. I’m still selling my possessions for cheap money. I know I won’t need these things any more.


Well, my sister mentioned [the US state in the midwest where we grew up and where she lived at the time of writing], again. I’d actually forgotten about it. I thought it wouldn’t be realistic, since our aunt’s place is currently occupied. But when my sister mentioned it today, the path was suddenly clear. This really was the only path I could see right now, so why not follow it back to the midwest?

I think the Earth will give me the gift of a job so I can afford an apartment.

I like my sister—I think she’s a lot of fun and smart and deep. She questions the way of the world, as I do. She has done amazing steps with her child. She hopes to teach others in healthier ways to give birth, instead of in a hospital with deadly immunization vaccines.

January will be my last month in [the southwest U.S.]. It’s time to move on.


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