Dreaming in the New Year

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

I’ve asked the meditation group leader to officially train me in Reiki healing. I feel that it is the final thing I want to accomplish, before I leave for the midwest on January 18th.

Very cold outside, yesterday and today.


Something about January 5th. Something seen in the sky. Government officials tried to clear the area of all people, but that area was not fully cleared and some information leaked out to the public on the internet—info about the sky and below (baseball park?). This would later be seen around the 13th of January.


I flew with the power of the mind. Could carry others. (“Do you really think that weight has anything to do with your muscles in THIS place?” line similar to Morpheus, in The Matrix).  Traveling with actors from Lord of the Rings, after movie was over, but they still were in their costumes. A double Frodo—2 of them. One passed by and I said, “Bye, Frodo!” later the group I was with remarked that they thought it was funny that I called him “Frodo” instead of Elijah (which is the actor’s real name).


Apartment #135.


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