Numbers Dreams and Nostradamus

January 7, 2011


Pictures and poems go together. One was animals and the sounds they make (in English). Example: “Grrrrrowlrrrr!” (lion)

Then pictures were made of numbers, instead of colors. Numbers showed the vibration of the image. Up close, you could see the rows and rows of numbers, with some gaps to represent where the eyes and mouth would go. Step back and an image can be seen of the lion and animals and background.

The first line/row started with 11400000…. Lots of zeros.

1 = “to walk into yesterday.”

0 = “to follow the path into tomorrow.”

4 = “to walk the path of the golden light.”


I shot myself in the head with a pistol. I fell to the floor but felt no pain. I wondered if the bullet had gone off. But people could no longer see me, so I knew I was dead. Slowly, I found people who could see me because of the highlights in my bangs and shoulder-length hair. Some chased me, when I only wanted to be left alone. I found two young men (punk types, but not like in the 1980s; just jeans and t-shirts) who had the same goal as me.

We went to a playground—it was part of the place I used to work in 2006-2010. Excavation or construction hole dug in the ground, but ended and discontinued. We wondered why the company spent the money to do this when they suddenly stopped construction. It was suspicious. Former co-worker thought I wasn’t really dead and just playing a trick on people. I wondered, then, if it was possible to come alive again. I wondered if extra-terrestrials could bring me back to life.


I remember a movie in high school gym class. A boy was next to me. The movie paused and we had a break in the middle. Michael J. Fox was there in the back. He talked casually to some of us. I asked him if he thought the world really was moving towards enlightenment. I think he said he thinks yes?


I saw the numbers on a digital clock—–> 8:88. Then I thought I mis-saw it because that time doesn’t exist, so maybe it was 8:08? I checked again and it still said 8:88.

Book by Dolores Cannon (1989): Conversation with Nostradamus

“With the earthquakes and volcanoes will be accidental explosion of the weaponry that is buried in the ground. This is going to cause great emotional turmoil within your country and other countries: Brittania and France.” Maybe that is what happened to the dead birds in Arkansas?

I did a little Reiki on a fruit fly that landed on the book while I was reading. He thanked me and gave me a message: that great things are coming my way.

Light rain, tonight.

A thought from Nostradamus: The more you have to struggle to accomplish something, the longer the accomplishment lasts.

(Century VII-41)

2012 election? “A hung election with the nation being the hung jury, and with the vote being very finely divided between two different men for president.” Threat of civil war, more explosive than the Vietnam era. Revolution. Much noise. Bringing up the dreams of Founding Fathers.



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