Notes from a Quantum Communication interview

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Quantum Communication interview (online)

Forces in the world include: Gravity, Electromagnetic, Weak Nuclear, and Strong Nuclear.

Consciousness is also a force—possibly stronger than the above. The power of the mind (not the physical brain). We can communicate at the quantum level. (How?)

We have an electrical field (system) that surrounds our bodies. We emit light waves / emissions. Full color spectrum and into the “invisible” spectrum. (Aura?)

Information band is embedded in each “color.” Example: Blue reduces pain. Yellow helps calm nervous system.

The heart produces 50-60 times more energy than the human brain.

Heart broadcasts ideas, feelings, law of attractions. Pure intention and sincere passion.

Symbiotic relationship between the human heart and the sun. We have direct contact with the sun.

Someone’s presence is enough to affect the outcome of an event. This was proven in quantum experiments where a particle behaved differently depending on if the observer was in the room and observing the experiment. And every researcher produced a different effect.

Consciousness is slow and steady, but very powerful. Be consistent in thoughts (at least 30 days of passion and sincerity). If we keep changing our mind, we won’t get what we want.

consciousness has the power to create stars and galaxies.

On the color spectrum, the sun produces more green light than other. Green like heart chakra.

Side note: I think the beliefs systems of religion and atheism are both outdated and obsolete.


*Victory dance* 

Jumpin’ jesus on a pogo stick! I found a place to live in the midwest already! Good vibes, seems like a really good fit. Place for a garden! It’s a house owned by a guy in his late 40s who could use some financial help, and he thought about renting out a room. He happened to see the ad I posted online and he was the first to respond. Good timing! He asked ME what rent I’d like to pay!! I don’t know. Maybe $350/month?


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