Conversations with Nostradamus (book by Dolores Cannon)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Reiki this morning felt a little more powerful. Perhaps my ability to channel this universal energy is increasing. It seems so simple and perfect—I don’t need to “make” it do anything. No attachment to the outcome. Just allow it to flow through me to where it needs to go. I felt strong heart energy.

Roughest spots were around my head… rest of body was easy. Very strong yellow/solar plexus. Leadership qualities felt. I see my future as a sort of leader—a strong, loving guide for others. Like a candle in the dark.

What I read about Nostradamus’ conversations with Dolores Cannon is amazing! Breaks down illusion of time.

In the book, the Guardian of the tapestries that hold the life-threads said that one of the laws of the universe is to not impose upon the free will of others. Seems pretty simple and “cut & dry.” Yet I have trouble understanding if I’ve broken this law, or understanding what some examples might be.

I do not wish to hurt anyone—but have I hurt people without realizing that I’m hurting them? I know that ignorance is no excuse, but I wish I would have known about this law sooner. I fear being a horrible person.

I fear that my Free Will shall be taken away and I’ll be forced, somehow, to be a bad person. Maybe I fear that there is no escape from being a devilish horror on this Earth? I’m terrified that I’ll fuck things up—mess up the flow of the world—without even realizing it.

Is this the childhood trauma of “learning” or being taught that I’m a “bad person?”


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