Keep Calm

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Nostradamus book: “The new leaders… are people who can think clearly in a time of panic, and sincerely communicate global ideals that can reach mass numbers of people.” Vol. 3, “The Shift of the World” chapter 16.

I don’t know how it happened (…or do I?), but I am a person who can “think clearly in a time of panic.” That appeared crystal clear during the hail storm in October or whenever it was.

Even as a child, I remained relatively calm, like a rock, as punishment was being given from my parents. I helped calm my younger sister, as if to say with a look, “No problemo.” No big deal. I’m good at figuring out what to do, and I can think fairly quickly. Plus, I’ve been getting better at gardening, and psychic ability. These all seem like very valuable skills to have when the US starts flodding in from the coastal/lake edges. I feel this leadership spirit within me.

I think I’d prefer to be called a “guide” rather than a “leader,” if I was to be in such a position in the future.


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