Trying to let go of the past

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Another dream about confrontation with the boss from the last job. I know the tie/bond has been cut. The wound is only in my mind. I wish to stop thinking about it. I don’t wish to hurt people—not even in my dreams. It was the 2nd dream where I showed up to their office to work or contribute, but I was no longer employed—I hadn’t received paychecks for months and months.


To me, that symbolizes that I have nothing else to learn, no more karma (if I had any), no more ties to that place for a while, now.

I just need to stop showing up, and I kind of did that in my dream—I decided to stop showing up, since I haven’t been an employee for months in the dream. Guilt only holds me back. I can just concentrate on a little more self-forgiveness now. Remember, there are no mistakes. Duality is an illusion, like time. Everything IS, for a reason.


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