Settling into a new place in the cold midwest

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The midwest has a lot of snow, but no major storms since I’ve been here. I’ve been sleeping at my sister’s and yesterday I began to unload my stuff at the next temporary sleeping place. It’s not home. None of these places ever feel like home. I hope, still, someday, to have the feeling of belonging somewhere.

The meditation last night was cool. [I’d already found a local meditation group and I attended one night.] I’m definitely meant to be there at this time.

I don’t really like the snow. My sister’s fun to hang out with, but I still wish I had someone who understands me and “gets” me. Maybe a starseed?


Where do I picture myself in 5 years? My hopes, wishes and dreams.

  • I have ongoing contact with races outside Earth.
  • I have more pets—at least two great dane dogs.
  • More understanding of myself—who I am, who I’ve been, and accomplishing what my soul originally wanted to do on Earth.
  • Have a garden—as big as I can comfortably manage (maybe using E.T. gardening technology).
  • Stronger 3rd eye/psychic ability and the personal responsibility that goes with it.
  • I have found a place where I belong (could be off-planet).
  • No kids of my own.
  • I am with a group of people who understand me.
  • Much greater understanding of Earth’s true history.
  • Living in peace and harmony and balance with nature.
  • I might end up being a leader of some sort.
  • I don’t have to work in the corporate world; no taxes; no forced payments (like car insurance).

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